Re-dessiner (par) la brique

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Monochromatic, Sketch, Students

Re-dessiner (par) la brique

Adrien Le Strat


The project is centred around the brick. Following from a research on the material through the realisation of collages and drawings the richness and cultural heritage was revealed. However other studies also exposed its current endangerment where it nowadays is reduced to thin bricks stuck on facades or of cinderblock in clay hiding in the building.

Re-dessiner (par) la brique.Adrien Le Strat.ESA.collage

Through an assemble of forms the project tribute to this materials and to its heritage So, for my project I wanted to pay tribute to this material and to his heritage.

The project is a series of architectural whims and pavilions on the island Isola Minore in the Trasimnene Lac in Italy. It is, as a labyrinth, a walk between history, places, path and present of the brick, by re-using forms of the brick architecture.


For me hand drawing is a media I like a lot. It allowed me a very personal way to find my project and it give strength to the research and project.


illustrator applats couleur v2


Who influences you graphically?

I have a lot of graphic influences, but for this project I particularly looked into comic books, with Moebius, and François Schuitten. I’m also fascinated by works with thin lines like the engravings of Piranesi for example. I also looked into the paintings of Hubert Robert and to the Italians paintings in 18th century and their “Caprice”. I was interested by the poetic atmosphere they transmit.


What is the effect and purpose of the lack of colour? How would colour effect the way the images are perceived? especially with regards to the materiality of the brick

For the perspectives I didn’t need colours. The work I wanted to show was on the ambiances, the games of lights and the brick masonry. That’s why I didn’t want to show too many things and a thin black line was enough.The drawings are accurate enough to see the masonry and the materiality is understandable without colours.

What dictated the way you chose to frame each scenario?

For the perspectives, I had to draw at least on drawing for each pavilion and narrative. All the pavilions are different to mirror how diverse the brick constructions can be, and the drawings had to catch the atmosphere of each of them: intimate or monumental, with a view to the sky or on the landscape…


The language of the project calls for a narrative, did you ever think of formatting the proposal into a book?

The project was my graduate project with an oral presentation, so a book wasn’t appropriate. But the perspectives can be read as a comic book. Moreover, they are surrounded by a black line, a picture frame, in reference to comics.I’m also trying to work on texts to go with the images, to tell more stories on the island. But it is difficult to add another media without deforming the sense of the project.


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