‘Slimtile’ The Tile Revolution

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‘Slimtile’ The Tile Revolution

KooZA/rch is excited to bring you in the realm of the physical with these colorful and textural tiles launched by award winning Spanish brand Levantina. Finally, the beautiful textures we publish daily on our platform have a three-dimensional bearing and you can find them by visiting their website! It is sometimes easy to get lost in the realm of Photoshop and lose sense of what materials are actually out there but hopefully KooZA/rch can help in helping you find that perfect material!


These tiles, part of a new collection of designs called Techlam, are available in an infinite variety of intricate and beautiful designs which range from the more typical Spanish tiles to ones which are more nature inspired with textures as those of stone, marble and graphite. Captivating in aesthetics they are also extremely practical as they are available in various sizes with dimensions reaching 1 x 3 metres, facilitating greatly installation processes! Each with width ranging in between three to five millimetres, these ‘slimtiles’ challenge the classic association of chunky ceramic tiles one usually associates with. As such the tiles are great if, similarly to us, your keen on super clean environments as the reduced thickness diminishes the area of joints between tiles, where bacteria multiply easily.

Blaze Dark Pared y Deco Silk suelo HR

From flooring to facades, exterior to interior, the extreme innovative technical design, hygiene and durability developed by Levantina allows for extreme versatility in terms of the spaces in which these tiles are used.  You can enjoy them in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, children’s room without fear of them getting damaged over time. One might enjoy a variety of designs throughout the house, because of it heat resistant properties the tiles excel in environments as the kitchen where their durability is tested and overcome successfully! The tiles are also resistant to flexion and not affected by UV radiation.


As firm advocates of environmental sustainability in architecture we are thrilled to communicate that the tiles are not only 100% natural non-petroleum based mineral raw materials but their extreme ‘slimness’ also significantly reduces energy for manufacturing compared to a conventional tile. Their light weight also means that more tiles can be loaded in containers and trucks resulting in an additional save of energy.

If you can’t get enough also explore by browsing the #slimtile hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.




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