Drawing Identity

Colour, Perspective View, Students

Drawing Identity

Sofia Elizalde


Who influences you graphically?

OFFICE KGDVS was the first thing I saw which caught my attention, and I started looking up for this kind of representation since then. Japanesse architecture teaches me about neatness and simplicity: soft lines and harmony in use of color. My friends from IR arquitectura, whom I did this images with  influenced me on the use of axonometric drawings which allow you to see the volumetry involved in the project. And working with MoGS I could apply these concepts together.


Europan with IRaequitectura

What is the effect and purpose of collage in an image overloaded society?

Information comes (in loads) and goes really fast nowadays. When we make an image we have the responsibility to be clear on the message we want to communicate. With this kind of representation you are able to choose which specific things you want to say about a project and create the proper environment. It´s a composition of different elements which are specifically chosen to show something and thus create a certain identity.

What is your work process in terms of programs used? How did you compose the image of ‘I believe in cycles’?

I use the programs I´ve learned thanks to architecture. For I believe in cycles I drew the trees in autocad, composed the scene, and then took it to photoshop to play with textures.

Have you ever thought of turning the images into a .gif? How would the animation impact the images and install a dialogue between them?
This tool is great to tell stories making some impact on the viewer. By making images enter into a dialogue between them youre amplifying the information you are giving about the space and it´s way to operate.



I believe in cycles

In the context of the workshop “Porto Academy 14” with Tetsuo Kondo as head of the group, the assignment was to expose what life was for us. I thought and came to the conclusion that:
“I believe in Cycles. We are some tiny part of this perfectly balanced Universe in which theres no beginning or end”.
I thought about a place which has a circled path of trees – without starting point – and it´s center full of flowers, available to walk around them and appreciate nature.


I believe in cycles


I believe in cycles

Structure & Enclosure  with Marcos Altgelt

A system consisting in two pieces of wood that when repeated form a regular structure of columns and beams. Polycarbonate and sheet cover up its four facades depending on the program which it enclosures.


Structure & Enclosure


Structure & Enclosure


Structure & Enclosure


Structure & Enclosure

Mixed uses with Marcos Altgelt

A building made of steel with a mixed program: spaces for art exhibition in contact with the courtyards and the street, and on the upper floors are located the offices and workshops.


Mixed Used


Sofia studied architecture in University of Buenos Aires FADU (Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo). She then worked for 2 years in MoGS (www.mogs.com.ar) and currently lives in Lisbon looking for some time and space to illustrate some more.


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