Skopje Reckless: Towards A Dynamic Habitat

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Skopje Reckless: Towards A Dynamic Habitat

Sara Simoska


The master thesis adresses the rapid inside growth of the city of Skopje, especially in density, neglecting the green areas, public spaces and diversity of activities. The project design occupies a huge abandoned area inside the city and creates dynamic, multifunctional urban development in order to host as much as different people possible. In the same time provides rich activities program. From the ground floor to the top it firstly relates to the close surrounding, charectarized with big density and complex movements. The upper floors are mainly possitioned following the strongest wind direction to enhance good air ventilation trough the block. The towers reflect on the exsisting social urban blocks which are scatered around Skopje and present memory of a modernistic city from XX century.

5_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimi

The towers provide different appartments, for permanent and temporary living. They include big, middle and small families, artists, craftworkers, students, seasonal workers, tourists and old people apartments. The space in-between apartments is reserved for common activities as kitchens, gyms, tv rooms, gardens and other extension to the housing needs. The block accepts many citizens and provides public, green areas and multiple activities trough all the levels in the same time. By doing so, It helps the surrounding neighborhoods who are missing these parts. Finally, It presents dynamic habitat for all the city.

1_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016a, polimi


13_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimia

Who influences you graphically?

 I am always fascinated by technical hand drawings done in the XX century. Especially drawings done in Yugoslavia and brutalist architecture done through this period. I prefer to stay loyal and clean to the design with the drawings, rather than creating fascinating plans and sections without deep understanding of the space.

What dictated the choice of colour palette?

Autumn sun and shadows are fascinating to appreciate the architecture and the city in reality, so I want to bring that ambient in my drawings. Naturally it comes to me to use the yellow color and in this case I used it for the tree color for the plans and visualizations. Additionally bordeaux is a color which I use to emphasize some important pedestrian movements or to pop up some conclusions. It is the color of construction material brick. Both colors in combination give perception of modest and democratic architecture, and definitely not luxury.

You explore your proposal through all means of communication- to what extent do you trust that only in this way is it possible to fully explore and present a project?

There are many ways to present a project, but it depends on project scale and complexity. For instance, through axonometry can be explained project relation with context and in the same time inside function and complexity. And is really valuable tool for designing process.

D:SARADesktopSaraPolitecnico di Milano PIACENZAThe thesis9

What dictated the means through which you choose to frame the perspective views? Did you have any specific parameters you imposed?

It is important that the frame of perspective is just a sequence of existing or imagined reality that wants to bring closer the quality of space to the viewer. The main importance to me is which part of space from the project I want to present. So the frame depends on the spatial quality, if it is a matter of long street I would choose rectangular frame, if it is small piazza I would choose more equal sized frame.
People used in the visualizations are people photographed by me in real life situations, and I recall myself to some moments and movement when I want to visualize some space.  Different actions happen in different kind of spaces.

15_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimi

6_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimi

What is the effect and purpose of the circle format?

I use the circle format when I want to zoom in or emphasize some part of the drawing, that exists but it wouldn’t be appreciated because of the entire composition.

2_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimi

7_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimi

12_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimia


Sara Simoska is a young architect with master degree merit based from University Politecnico di Milano in Italy in  October 2016. She finished her bachelor studies in Faculty of Architecture Skopje in Macedonia in 2014.  During her studies she participated in several international workshops around Europe including: Spain, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. She participated on 6 international competitions and won second place on the Bauhaus pavilion competition and Piacenza Expo International Workshop competition in 2014. In 2013 she co-founded small NGO called MELEEM Skopje- Association for Urban cultural development and space actualization. During all the university years she worked with this organization on events and artistic installations that affect abandoned city spaces in order to attract people and authorities attention and raise awareness. Although she traveled and being involved in international activities, she has built strong connection with her city of birth Skopje and she is challenged to use her knowledge and strong visionary view to improve the city through her work.

14_Sara Simoska, master thesis, 2016, polimi


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