Chasing the Dream of a Living House

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Chasing the Dream of a Living House 

Terzi Beduschi Architects


The design for the small apartment revolved around the notion of maximum flexibility. The conceptual images were sued as a means to present the project to the client.


_MG_1384 2


Who influences you graphically?

Everything that catches our attention from Jean-Jacques Sempè to the Smithson.



What are the key elements you try to convey in an image? 

In general, we try to convey those kind of elements the client is not able to understand in a two-dimensional drawing such as materiality, light, flexibility and of course atmosphere.

If you look back now that the apartment exists, what is the relationship between drawing and real life architecture?

Gio Ponti once wrote that he was chasing the dream of a “living house” that could not only adapt but Also Encourage the versatility of our lives with hundreds of resources we, as architects, will give. Since we truly believe in this, it is not always easy to predict with our drawings what will happen once the building will be built and inhabited, even if we try, because as soon as it will be built a personal relationship will start between the owner and the house. Like it or not the history of architecture has taught us that the figure of the architect as a social planner have often produced more damages than benefits and we must be aware of this.

CV6_Open Real.jpg


How and to what extent does the texture inform the materiality and atmosphere of the architecture?

The research and selection of a texture is one of the key moments in the making of one our illustrations. Because not only a certain texture will inform about the atmosphere of the space but, since we are going to build what we draw, it will have to be something we can really use in the reality of the building site and not only, as often happens, a graphical device.

C:UsersMatteoDesktopmodello bodone paparapero Layout1 (1)

To what extent might an animation and/or gif bring the project to life and play around with the life of the apartment?

The “before and after” or the “night and day” illustrations we produce help us to show the client how a simple looking space can come alive by just living it and here we go back to what we were saying about Ponti’s vision of the “living house”.

C:UsersMatteoDesktopmodello bodone paparapero Layout1 (1)

About Them:

They are a young architecture practice, based in Milan, directed by Alvise Terzi and Giorgio Paolo Beduschi.

They conceive architecture as a primary human need and not just as an aesthetic issue.

They conceive each project as an endeavour between a wide range of constituents, not as a self-determining creation.

They conceive every project with a sensitive approach to place and with the experiential potential of materials and construction as a matter of experience and atmosphere of places.

They are committed to their work because they love what they do!


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