Blue Palettes

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Blue Palettes 

Lida Lukianova


The project is a multi-functional complex in the Tverskoy District in Moscow. The square of Belorussky railway terminal is a location with rich history but a sad destiny. Nowadays, the Square is under reconstruction that will last for many years. Due to a considerable raise in the height of the buildings on the side of Lesnaya street, the Square lost its wholeness. My project proposal addresses the design of the brand new urban dominants, which should mark the placement of the Railway terminal for people from a surrounding point of view. The observation point is on Leningradsky prospect. Moving through, we can see the panorama of the whole complex. Its silhouette reminds us of the Triumphal Arch that was replaced in the year 1936. For planning, we chose the complex with space amongst the towers, located between 1st and 2nd Brestskaya streets. The designed complex consists of a hotel for 1000 guests, an office centre, a fitness-club, a restaurant and underground car-park. The main entrance represents a long split-level space connecting both hotel housings. It presents the thoroughfare of the whole complex. It also locally solves the problem of renovation of historical buildings on the hotel site.



Who influences you graphically?

The graphics through which I choose to express my proposal is of great significance to me.  I search for inspiration in the works of David Chipperfield as well as keeping  track of young Russians bueros like WALL and Nowadays . They use such interesting language for architectural graphics.


How does the almost ‘real render’ graphic language relate to the project?

Realistic renders help people to understand your idea. I think when you save the balance between realism and a nice collage, it works for the atmosphere of your project .

How did the concept model come about? Did you start through physical modelling/sketching/3d modelling?

The project started with the analysis of data. It was important to inspect the planning situation of those places. I started my work through physical modelling as well as conceptual ideas. In looking for the most interesting composition of the model, I used soft programs.


What dictated the choice of colour palette?

The choice of colour pallet was influenced by the weather of our country. Blue pallets show the atmosphere of this place.


What dictated the choice of views you reveal your proposal through?

The choice of views was dictated by the main idea of this urban design where the views were in fact a dominant aspect around which the proposal developed. I was interested on views with the most intensive traffic where the whole urban potential of the project could be revealed.

You seek to explore the proposal from the inside, why so?

The organization of the interior programmatic distribution is shown through axonometric scheme.



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