Depicting Matter

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Depicting Matter

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Who influences you graphically?

Our influences are rather architectural than they are graphic. Some architecs do not only influence us by their buildings, but also in the way these are represented in their drawings and photographs.

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What defines/dictates your choice of colour palette? 

Matter, and how it is used in everyday life.

You compose through collage, to what extent can this tool and method of construction be used to talk about the larger discourse of architectural practice?

First and foremost we believe that these collages are vital in the representiation of a project.
If we talk about composition in a collage or in a 3d-image, choosing a point of view or ‘cadrage’ is a way of choosing what you want to say about the project, a way to communicate notions of contrast, symmetry, views, …
In our collages we use two types of composition: the more synthetic frontal view and the more specific 45° view.
While the frontal view is ideal to show a sequence of spaces or a general synthesis, the combination of inside/outside or the implemented symmetry, the 45° angle allows us to show more details in the usage of space, their atmosphere and their relationships.

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Recent years have seen the growth in inclusion of characters as those of Hockney, Hopper etc within the realm of architectural representation. What is your take on this? 

For us it isn’t so much about Hockney, Hopper or other artists as it is about using paintings or drawings in general.
Although these media suggest a realistic image at first sight, one can see that they are more than just mere photographs. This gives these objects an extra layer of imagination and depth.
This way these collages suggest different images to different persons, instead of showing a fixed and hyperrealistic result.

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How and to what extent does the inclusion of an image fragment with a previous narrative influence your image and the way it is received?  

Ofcourse the images we use refere to a certain atmosphere and narrative that we want to include in our story.
For example, Pink Floyd used an enfillade of windows on their album cover ‘Echoes’ to show an alternating rythm of interior and exterior spaces.
Sometimes the combination of thoughtfully chosen references is all it takes to represent and communicate a project.

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Arc en ciel

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Arc en ciel

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