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Martyna Rajewska & Agnieszka Chromiec 


Project ‘Symbiosis’ is an architectural answer for the unique closeness of the space between two churches. It’s a negotiation between proportions, frames and light. Negotiation based on a dialogue between two architects and friends. Friends that found this place relevant to design their own, independent houses. With a strength of comprehension of each other, they found an integral point, where their projects and lives could meet. From that moment all hide behind the word: symbiosis.


SYMBIOSIS_Negotiation space; scheme of 2 houses


Who influences you graphically?

Hockney’s paintings were the most important influence. Clear colors, sharp lines between light and shadow specific for California had to be filtered by our location – Gdańsk, Poland – and it’s site specific light conditions. That is the reason why the colors are dim and correspond with northern limits of light. This connected with materiality of wood and concrete was to create the atmosphere of the emotions rather then an image of goods within the house environment.


How does the graphic language reflect the proposal?

We have chosen a tool which leaves space for individual interpretation of an image. Creating a collage with elements of paintings rather than cutting out photographs allowed us to remain that esthetic. In recent time there has been a proliferation of images from Hockney’s painting within architectural collages, why and how have you chosen to include these within your views? How do they relate to the space and to other silhouettes as that of the girl? The houses located close to the vibrant center of Gdańsk allow finding silence behind the facade of the quarter. The shape of inside garden concentrated on the chestnut tree is a calm and quiet rest space. The girl in pink nightdress from Hockney’s painting represents comfort, safety, feeling at home. As well as silhouette of the grandpa sitting near by the kitchen table was an allegory adequate to the space of calmness.


How does the dual image reinforce the project?

It responds to the dual matter of our project. It highlights the equality of same name spaces, as workplace, living room or garden through the different perspective related to the separate houses.

SYMBIOSIS_studio views

What dictated the materiality of the intervention?

Every architectural intervention requires specific language dictated by the local context. In “Symbiosis“ project this context was based on the unique closeness of two churches “st. Bridget” and “st. Catherine” in Old City of Gdańsk. It is a relation between old and new architecture. Relation based on the communication where the existence consists of appreciation of each other. Therefore the material of exterior walls of the building corresponds to XIVth century brick wall of the St. Brigdet church. While interior of the quarter facade is finished with glass and concrete. Separate houses create flexible boundary of privacy through moveable walls. Specific combination of those walls allows inhabitants to join their rest and working spaces.Simplicity of spaces leaves room for inhabiting, adaptation.



Martyna Rajewska

Graduate of Urban Interior Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, currently studying Social Design (MA) at Design Academy Eindhoven. Interested in the performative side of architecture and it’s position in users daily rhythms. Constantly questioning reality in the search of her own answers.

Agnieszka Chromiec

Graduate of Architecture at Gdańsk University of Technology, auditor of Urban Interior Design Studio of Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, currently working in Grupo Aranea, Alicante.  Fascinated with the influence of architecture on personal experience and quality of life. Relentlessly seeking for inspiration in limits of reality.



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