Drawing Atmospheres For Further Exploration

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Drawing Atmospheres For Further Exploration

Patrycja Komada


Herbarium is the gallery of herbs and nature which plays with all the senses. Visitors can walk around herbs plantation on different levels admiring beauty of nature and breathtaking view of Bari’s waterfront.

The first floor works as a food preservation unit, where locals can preserve their harvest, the second floor is a platform for meeting, food experimentation, education and exploration of medical use of herbs.



The building is open for everyone and works as a community centre for locals, however it also can make great tourist attraction for ones interested in Puglia’s natural resources.





Tree house

Tree like structure emerges from park. It is a base of the whole building structural as well as conceptual. Concrete core is surrounded by caged staircases, which lead visitors through the building and allow to extend exhibition space from one floor to another. It makes three storey high building one vertical open space. Floors are shifted. Some of their parts are connected with others through openings, some of them provide more pri- vacy. All the necessary facilities are hidden inside the core.

There are few layers of the building. First one is casted concrete core with stairs and floors, second one is black mesh around the staircase. The whole structure is covered with glass façade which draws the nature into building. Concrete as a multipurpose material in this case is used to create the spine of the construction and central part of the concept. Beauty and strength of raw concrete is emphasised by the use of light and transparent materials such as semi transparent mesh, glass and golden cladding of the roof.


Tree house


Tree house


Tree house


Tree house


Tree house


Who influences you graphically?

It changes all the time. I just love to work with colours and lines. When I stared creating graphics at very begging I was inspired by simplicity of graphic representation shown by Japanese architects like Atelier Bow Wow or Junya Ishigami. I also like collages done by OMA and Superstudio, which are quite different than Japanese line drawings, yet simple and powerful. I still remember illustrations form my childhood books and I think this is the main source of inspiration. They were more than pretty pictures. Images in fairytales are telling the stories, when children are not able to read, and that is what I want to achieve with every picture. Renders do not show the real qualities of the project, so why not to have some more fun, and show images which are narrative, give impression of the space and show the whole potential of the design.

What defined your choice of colour palette? (treehouse)

Defying colour palette for each project first I am focusing on the used materials, than for the presentation I always go with contrasting colours; pastels for the background and bold shades for lines and technical drawings. This simple logic helps to highlight some parts of the project and make them stand out more in the whole presentation layout.


Tree house


Tree house

How do you approach each project? is there an overall method?

I’m always staring with the atmosphere I want to achieve, trying to create welcoming spaces, worth further exploration. Relation between human, nature and architecture is the thing I am always working with. Materiality is also playing key role in the whole process. I firmly believe that good architecture in hidden in the well thought details. Basically architectural details are showing up quite early in my design process, than everything is created around it including graphics.

What is the power of the animated gif compared to the static image?

Depending on the project, sometimes it is easier to express the logic in the animation. When the design is quite complex and detail, but the building itself is small, gifs and animations are the best way to show all the strengths. It is also more personal. It’s not just about image, but about the movement and overall impression it gives to the others.



How do the Magritte images influence the image? What is their function? 

Surrealistic paintings have coherent, simple colour palettes and clean lines, which help to dive into the story. In the picture I made I wanted to show continuous exhibition space around the staircases and I could not imagine better show stopping image than surrealistic painting. Simple in the form yet mesmerizing.  I also think Magritte and Rousseau somehow influence my own graphic style.


Tree house

Patrycja Komada is a student of architecture. After graduating from West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin with Bachelor’s degree, she started Master’s studies at KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm.. During her studies she worked as for several architecture practices such as BudCud in Cracow, Poland and ZUS in Rotterdam,  Netherlands


Tree house


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