HybridScape_Where Architecture Meets Infrastructure

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HybridScape_Where Architecture Meets Infrastructure 

Beatrice Piola & Floria Bruzzone



HybridScape is a word that comes from Hybrid and Landscape so it refers to something that is a combination of multiple elements. This kind of landscape comes from the hybridization between architecture and infrastructure. When this happens we have a hybrid system whose parts work together generating new spaces and volumes by which the land value increases.

The drawings want to show how, in these cases, a road is not just a simple path for vehicles, but if integrated with architecture, could be much more.



Who influences you graphically?

A graphical style that we really like is the one of the architectural firm Atelier bow wow, what strikes us most, of their illustrations, is the very clear style even with many details.
We have also found many references on Pinterest which is confirmed for us the main research tool.

What is the power of the simple illustration/diagram as a tool for communication?

Drawings are essential, they carry all the thinking that produced that particular project and transmit it to those who are watching the drawings. Despite this, however, we think that a beautiful drawing cannot replace a good design, it is important that at the base of the project there is always a strong concept that generates the illustration.


To what extent do you agree with the axonometric as the most complete form of drawing?

We think that the axonometry view is definitely one of the most complete representation to describe the entire project, however, it is not enough, plans and sections are fundamental to understand how the project works and what are the relationships between the elements in the project.


What defined the use of drawings you chose as means to reveal your proposal?

The choice of the representation for us is basically linked to the type of project, for example: if the project grows in height the most useful representation is a section, if the project includes extensive areas is important to describe it with plans and so on.
In our case the project is very complex, it refers to the relationship between architecture and infrastructure. It develops and contaminates more levels and areas so we thought to axonometries to give a three-dimensional overall view and also to perspective sections to which we applied textures in order to produce some visions that describe what could be like the spaces that we have imagined.



Floria and Beatrice studied Architecture at Scuola Politecnica di Genova where they recently graduated with honours.
During the academic years they attended several international workshops in Italy, France, Germany and South Africa and worked as intern at some Genoa based architecture offices including GOAGROUP, GO UP and d2g.
Now Floria is working as intern at Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo and Beatrice is collaborating with llabb Architects in Genoa



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