Navigating Mimesis Through Collage

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Navigating Mimesis Through Collage

Carolin Bongartz


Having been asked to extend an existing hotel in Ronchamp, with additional rooms, a studio for a family and a potential conference room. My project is an investigation around the themes of mimesis, travelling and collecting which developed into my design tool. Here, two stories, one being a dream and the other being a story about hallucinations, initiated my project. In an attempted to grasp something real from those two stories I started to match my imagination through reproduction and unconsciously started to connect those elements with my own travel experiences. In this way I switched from a pure imitation of an objects towards an intuitive imitation of its appearance. On side, the existing extension and elements around the Hotel’s property have been transformed in the same matter. So did elements of the garden transform into tiles and the volume of the extension gave rise for its new form.


Site Map


Iterations in axo


Iterations in plan


Who influences you graphically?

I am influenced by various sources, for this project I was influenced by Roberto Burle Marx, Gerard Taylor, and others from Memphis movement. I was also influenced by Native Yugoslavian art and undeniably, Henri Rousseau.

What is your take on the art of collage?

Architectural drawings typically convey information that allows you build something, collages, by contrast, give you the freedom to convey an emotion rather than an exact image.



To what extent has the Architectural Association influenced the way you draw architecture?

A lot. The variety of units and the means by which they express ideas visually, allows for a huge diversity of images to draw on.

How does the collage relate to the proposal?

The project revolved around the theme of mimesis and collage became a very useful tool in navigating those thoughts – matching my imagination through reproduction and connecting those elements with my own experiences. This enabled me to switch from a sterile reproduction of objects towards an intuitive imitation of its appearance.

What defined the fragments you choose? How did you source the various moments to then construct your own narrative?

The fragments are part of my process, from form finding to test of the impact on its the surrounding.

view 2

Hotel extension night time

view 2

Hotel extension day time


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