Immaterial Instances

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Photo-Manipulation, Texture

Immaterial Instances 

Diego Van der Laat


This series of images entitled ‘Serie Uno:Krill’ move away from ‘constructed architecture’ into the realm of fiction and literature


Who influences you graphically?

I don’t know to what extent his work influences mine but I really enjoy Edward Hopper´s paintings. There is something lurking, hidden in the silence of the scenes he depicts. It seems as if he paints the second before something horrible is about to happen. Serie Uno: Krill I think tries to reach that atmosphere where things are frozen in time, in the instant where you don’t really understand what just happened or will happen. The instant when something material becomes energy or light.


How inherent is narrative within the realm of architecture?

I believe narrative is inherent in everything, it is something permanent and inseparable to life. Architecture´s qualities and attributes are determined and affected by it.



What dictates the composition of an image? Are there any fixed parameters?

There are no fixed parameters, everything is done by trial and error, I guess there is some sort of intuition that dictates an image´s composition but nothing systematic.

How does the rain influence the atmosphere of the image?

Rain gives the air a specific texture, in a way, it makes empty space visible. It also serves to reinforce direction and orientation in terms of composition.


What is your work process in terms of programs used?

I usually start by building up the landscape. I do it by mixing different images: skies from South America with open fields from Scotland for example. After the background is set I start modeling the piece (before, about to, or exploding) that will go in that landscape. So everything moves from Photoshop to 3d modeling, rendering and then back to Photoshop.


To what extent does the context of the exhibition have the potential to change the way an image is perceived? How does the atmosphere of the exhibition space relate to the exhibited content?

The content is affected by the amount of visitors in the exhibition space. With Arduino, proximity sensors each one of these images would change the amount of light coming of them depending on how close you are to the images, like a little light heartbeat. The same with the clouds inside the models, everything is affected when a room is occupied. Everything changes when you get close to the exhibited material, including the material itself.



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