Habitat of the Future

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Architect, Texture

Habitat of the Future

Benoit Rotteleur


Competition entry for ‘Habitat of the Future.’ The proposal develops a flexibility house concept, the facade changes according to the seasons.




Who influences you graphically?

My studies of architecture in belgium influenced me graphically. I was accustomed to working with models and representing the project using photo editing. My inspiration comes from the Flemish offices such as OFFICE, 51N4E, DIERENDONCKBLANKE, URA ….

How could the use of an animated gif influence the way the images are perceived?

I don’t know, I don’t use gif.

/Users/benoitrotteleur/Desktop/AGENCE/04_CONCOURS /HABITAT DU FU

/Users/benoitrotteleur/Desktop/AGENCE/04_CONCOURS /HABITAT DU FU



What is your take on the architecture competition? How did the format of the competition influence the type of drawings and the individual drawings themselves?

The purpose of the competition was to reflect on the habitat of the future. This is a very broad question, so I decided to give a conceptual answer. I developed a poetic and naive graphic to illustrate this world of the future.


What are the key parameters you work with when creating an image? Are there specific themes you want to convey?

I do not really work with key parameters. For this competition I wanted to accentuate the difference of landscapes between seasons. For that I plated sky paints pictures to create a strong identity to the image.


How did the model help in exploring the proposal?

The model allows to explore the project in 3d and brings a different new reading. For this model I worked something very clean to demonstrate the concept of the project (vertical circulation, horizontal plates, wire structure).



Benoit Rotteleur was born in 1987 and studied architecture at the ISACF La Cambre in Brussels where he graduated in 2012.

In parallel to these studies and for several years he collaborated with various architectural agencies in Belgium, Switzerland and then Paris.

In 2016 he founded his agency. His work explores architecture in all its forms, from the furniture scale to the construction of new buildings.

His intervention on projects characterized by a thorough reading of the context and experience of place. His attention is particularly given to the concern for proportions, light and materials.

Benoit Rotteleur is involved in a collaborative approach that leads him to work with artists, craftsmen and other architects, as well as to participate in international architectural competitions.

N.B All GIF images were developed by KooZA/rch


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