Drawing Utopias

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Drawing Utopias 

Liman Wei

These architectural collages were created in Wei’s spare time, and do not belong to actual projects.

‘ I wish I could make a collage of illustrations, contemporary art, furniture and others that I like together so as to create a beautiful and unique utopia.’

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Who influences you graphically?

I have always been interested in the art form of collage. I used to collect magazines and even purchase old ones. I have collected a variety of magazines such as magazines on animals, fashion and weaponry. What I love to do most is just sitting on my rug, arranging the bunch of pictures that I cut from various magazines and patch them up together. Sometimes I would even laugh out because mingling different objects taken from different contexts tends to create a sense of peculiar humor. Later I came across some collages made by some European studios and I was first of all moved by their sense of beauty and then inspired to combine my major i.e. interior design with my hobby to carry out such activities of self-cultivation and self-refinement.

How do you associate with the notion and relationship between art and the everyday life?

For me, art is a process of exploring one’s sub-consciousness. I like plunging myself into a semi hypnotic state and then pick up a pen and let my fingers do the drawing automatically. This is the time when all the signs and images that I have taken in start to flow out unconsciously. I have oftentimes enjoyed such moments in my daily life. When I was younger, I also loved automatic writing. And architectural collage for me is a more mature form of art because I take into account the viewer for the first time and in the process of creation, I put beauty in the first place.

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To what extent is the medium of collage a good tool creating this Utopia you talk about?

Because I put beauty in the first place, all the material I use is meticulously selected by myself. It is like building a castle with every brick that has been collected by myself from different places and I grow familiar with them, become fond of them and gradually blend them in with one another, the outcome of which I hope is beautiful as well.

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What defines the fragments you choose to accumulate and how you then compose them on paper/screen?

I choose every fragment out of intuition, the process of which is a bit like looking for a needle in a bottle of hay, for there are times when I could not find any piece I like. Consequently, the amount of source material in my work is not particularly large. A lot of my source material is obtained from illustrations or oil paintings of other artists. After I get hold of my material, I would adjust its coloration, compose a picture and place it in my architecture container.

What would be the effect of creating analogically rather than using the computer?

For me the focal point about architectural collage is neither architecture nor collage, but rather the process of painting itself. I wish to create something with an artistic aesthetic that is not designed to explain and demonstrate like a computerized diagram is. I wish to derive pleasure from the process of creation and I also wish that everyone who sees the work feels delighted.

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Liman Wei is a designer from China, she love art, painting and electronic music.


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