Month: June 2017

The Strawberry Effect

The Strawberry Effect Meric Arslanoglu Archiprix TR 2016, National Graduation Project Competition | 1st Prize   Project “The Strawberry Effect” project takes place in the factory of the man-made experience where the natural ceased to exist, beside the Hudson River, in the end of the […]

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Imagination To The Viewer

Imagination To The Viewer Derya Sancar Project Out of a territorial research I developed the project that creates conditions for a new relation between the people and the water by giving the Bosphorus an identity as a living space, hosting different activities. Within this vision three prototypes of infrastructural monuments […]

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City Routine

City Routine Amon Lasmar Project The pictures portray the routine on a day of a fictitious body in the city. The intention was to illustrate in a singular way the wealth of forms, ambiences and experiences that are present in the city and that end […]

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Vertical Wunderkammer

Vertical Wunderkammer Kasia Piekarczyk & Asmund Skeie Project In 1966 the city of Madrid invited to an unprecedented, public exhibition. The multimedia event presented the ambitious plans for a brand new city centre at AZCA that would brand Madrid as a modern metropolis and launch […]

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Architecture of Place

Architecture of Place Mary Grigoryan Project In the summer of 2016 I did practical training at Office DE Architect where we carried out 2 international competitions. Task 1: to design a tourist hostel in the center of Amsterdam on the historical square. Task 2: to […]

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Thinking Through Making

Thinking Through Making Elia Loupasaki   Project The project takes place at Castle Green in Barking and Dagenham. The site condition is currently parkland surrounded by the A13 and residential terraces . The site is large in scale, the intended outcome was to create a housing […]

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Exploring Mediums

Exploring Mediums T.K. Justin Ng     Project Common Ground Common Ground imagines a new form of mixed-use development where very different programs are tied together through an activated central spine. This central spine acts as a core that is freed to become far more than mere […]

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AA TwentySeventeen Graduates

AA TwentySeventeen Graduates This post has been specifically curated to celebrate the graduates of the AA of 2017. Thank you and congratulations to you all!   Diploma 1 Hotel Croydon by James Mak Hotel Croydon is emblematic of our cities, wants, and aspirations, however momentary. Our […]

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Through Leviathan’s Eyes

Through Leviathan’s Eyes Nathan Su AA Diploma Honours Project We live in a time where cultural ideologies, aspirations and fears are as diverse and dynamic as ever. And yet, our world views are becoming increasingly singular, extreme, and sadly – polarised. Our media echo-chambers feed […]

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A Chronicle of 1001 Islands

A Chronicle of 1001 Islands Carolina Gismondi de Bevilacqua  Project This project embraces the inherent rupture and re-definition of the city as a collection of disparate, provisional identities. By creating a series of conceptual devices, it allows us to immerse in an architectural journey along a […]

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Experimenting Through Scales

Experimenting Through Scales Atelier Manferdini In 2004 Elena Manferdini founded Atelier Manferdini, a design office based in Los Angeles, California. The firm has been highly visible as an advocate of design excellence and has been recognized internationally for its ability to create imaginative architecture, art […]

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Projecting Space

Projecting Space Ponto Atelier   PONTO atelier experiments fresh ideas and different projects. It is a  team of young and enthusiastic architects, Ana Pedro Ferreira + Pedro Maria Ribeiro |pedro(s)| with José Gustavo Freitas. They had been developing a serie of projects and ideas that […]

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The Phenomenon Of Marine Submersion

The Phenomenon Of Marine Submersion Jessica Lelandais et Mathilde Estlimbaum   Project The sea-level rise is one of the consequences of global warming, via two main processes: the expansion of water (as the oceans warm) and the melting of the terrestrial ice. Interactive maps of […]

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