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 Social Network Agora

Karol Mądrecki


We don’t need no architecture

Architectural heterotopy in the age of internet

Space in the city and people’s skills and creativity  are nothing more than resources. We don’t need more buildings and institutions. We just need a platform to share our goods.

Space in the city and people’s creativity are resources. We need a platform to share our goods.

Public space does not need intermediaries. In the era of free exchange of information events in the city do not have to be organized by the institutions but may be formed democratically, and from bottom-up if people are given the space and the right to decide.  The largest hotel company is Airbnb, which has no hotel buildings. Biggest taxi company – Uber which does not have any cars. We visit the world with the help of couch surfing and buy through eBay. Internet gives us the opportunity of a direct exchange of almost every kind of good using only a smartphone. Why not use the same mechanics to create a public space?


Aspects of the city are the same in real space and virtual because the virtual world has become an indispensable part of our lives. Thanks to the symbiosis appropriately designed, flexible public space and the space designed for social media that through active users stimulating events and continually creates a “program” for the architecture ceases to be a science limited to the design of buildings – it starts also have a direct impact on the formation of urban life.






Who influences you graphically?

I have no particular inspirations, my graphic design is rather the result of all experiments which i did when i was working on previous architectural competitions or projects.


What defined the graphic language of the proposal? What material did you look to for inspiration? 

I decided to use 3 dimesional section because it was the simlest approach to show what the project is all about. Schemes, plans and sections describe only part of story but perspective section shows everyting clearly – idea of the project, functional program, scale of volumes, life inside building and also atmosphere of the space. Two simple pictures contains enought information to comprehend entire project.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

To what extent do you agree with the notion the ‘medium is the massage’ – how did you define the format of the project?

Medium is not the massage at all. Only your project can sand a massage to the public but medium (understood as a grahic design) is very helpful to present your idea as clearly as you can, Minimalistic linear style of presentation is powerfull because it is focusend only on meritum of the project and ignore all superfluous informations like realistic textures, realistic sunlight and so on. This unspoken “void” is crucial for interpretation cause it left lot of room for your own imaginations when you observe the project. Its easier to imagine planty of scenarios if image is rather a framework for your creativity than just another boring photo-realistic render.

This project is about symbiotic relations between social network and architecture. I finished my studies last year and after 32 architetural competitons and 5 years of studien architecture began to be kinda boring for me so i decided to explore another part of the project releted to information technology and internet of things. Im learnin programming languages right now and in future i want to explore topics with both IT and architecture.

If you could explore this proposal further- how would you develop iy? Are there any key images- issues you would like to explore? Could you potentially turn this into a real app/game?

Sure! I want to. And im working on it 🙂




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