Projecting Space

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Architect, Collage, Colour

Projecting Space

Ponto Atelier


PONTO atelier experiments fresh ideas and different projects. It is a  team of young and enthusiastic architects, Ana Pedro Ferreira + Pedro Maria Ribeiro |pedro(s)| with José Gustavo Freitas. They had been developing a serie of projects and ideas that combine with a theoretical and territorial analysis with the practical way of realization, pushing the limits of an idea for the place.









Who influences you graphically?

Everything can influences us.

Since ilustrators, designers, photografers, architects and artists or the daily routine.

And it depends on the Projects spirit that you want to reflect. And it changes. Now we are in love with designer Bruno Munari and architects of XVII century like Ledoux and Boullé.

We get the courage by the collages of Mies Van der Rohe, Smithsons and the early Works of OMA.

We get inspired by David Hocney, Edward Hooper and John Baldassari.

We get the compositions by KGDVS, NP2F, DOGMA.

And we love the silence of Luigi Ghirri photography and the “noise” of Martin Par photoghaphy.


Vet Clinic


How do you approach each Project?

The collage is a way of experiment a Project. At the same time it seems that is not finished but you can look at it like a painting. More than a realistic 3d render it’s a world of fantasy and utopia but where you can find possibility of real life. The main idea of a collage is that any element or piece that we do its first of all, to explain an idea. A good idea. And that it’s our main focus. Thats why we prefer the image with less perspective. With a composition of a painting.




You compose through collage, what is your take on this?

Each collage tell us a story. That’s what we chase. In all piece’s that we do has a story. Can be a story that is about to begin, or a story that is already finished or is happening at the moment. We like to look at the pieces and discover all of this tiny, little things about it, this things between the lines. And we don´t have to tell. You can figure it out.







How do you gather the fragments for your images? Is it a continuous process or is it image related?

What is amazing when you the collages is the process of coping and cutting. And we are constantly doing it. We can put a David Hockney figure in a swimming pool under a Monet’s sky that have a garden of Henry Rousseau. This give us a sense of space, color, composition and the architecture glue’s it. Processing an image can be ambiguous, in terms of how pieces of reality are assembled to make an entire image that describes an intended reality. We can say collages are fragments related to reality, always on a process of searching what describes the idea.



 What is your main concern when constructing an image?

The main point of constructing an image is the idea, and tell a story. Architecture is the exercise of projecting space that isn’t there and making image’s like we do, concern’s more than a new reality we propose. The main purpose is the idea that is materialized in an image, opening the possibility of the project.





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