Architecture of Place

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Architecture of Place

Mary Grigoryan


In the summer of 2016 I did practical training at Office DE Architect where we carried out 2 international competitions.

Task 1: to design a tourist hostel in the center of Amsterdam on the historical square.

Task 2: to create the conceptual offer of the mobile tourist module for travelers across Iceland.

Before designing it was necessary to study the history of a place in term of, culture, life, features, mentality and many other things. It was also important to get acquainted with climatic conditions and landscape features.

When designing the hostel in Amsterdam we tried to keep the historical area to a minimum. The alberga for the pilgrims (wandering on Santiago way) became a basis for an image of hostel. The main idea was to lift the hostel over the territory on legs, 15 meters high. The ground floor represents the public space, communications and the cycle parking settle down in the same place. The hostel has the inhabited floor – free space without partitions and with panorama windows; and the economic floor with kitchen, bathrooms and cells of storage. On the roof, the restaurant overlooked Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Hostel

On the other hand the tourist module in Iceland had to be mobile and adapt to any conditions and requirements. We created the project of a hi-tech and functional plate which is easy to transport and build. The plate was created following the principle of the Swiss knife when in a design there are devices of provision of energy from different sources, storages, the bathroom, berths, sliding walls, etc. This construction doesn’t pursue the idea of the increased comfort or special conditions, it only provides the person with all the necessary at a lodging for the night and a halt. The project includes the option to activate and operate a plate at the expense of a special application in the smartphone, so we created “the clever house”.


Tourist Cabin in Iceland


Who influences you graphically?

Once I have incidentally seen your page in Instagram. It madly inspired me. I often watch the works exposed on your account. These works of talented people motivate me on creating something fine, creative.

What dictated the format for Tourist cabinet in Iceland? 

In a competition on creation of the tourist module in Iceland we were faced by a task to create the tourist module, which is conveniently delivered in all territory of Iceland. Also it was necessary to design the module from local materials. As construction material we used a megalith. It had to be not irregular shape, architecture with use of high technologies.


Tourist Cabin in Iceland

How and to what extent did the format of the competition influence the type of images explored? 

Therefore, our idea began to create a plate which is delivered by helicopter. In her there are capsular berths, departments for storage of things, a food stock for long time of stay in a cabin, and also interactive shower.

Tourists download the application through which trace locations of these cabins on phone. Cabins are established on all length of tourist routes.


What is your take on the art of collage? What defines the fragments you choose to collect and then use?

Art of a collage for me is a creative, not standard image of visual submission of the project. The collage gives new means for expression of the thoughts, feelings and moods. This direction has occurred not so long ago, but it promptly develops.

When I make a specific photo for the project, I can never guess what will turn out as a result. At first I define for myself composition that has to be on the picture. Important, who on this picture is a viewer that I want to tell the world this shot. Each shot has the unique history. It depends on in what country there is an object, what in this country history, culture, actions, events at various times year. Important, what people live in this country and what tourists visit this place.


Amsterdam Hostel

Collage as nothing else, gives broad lands for creativity. For creation of a collage I use different materials. It is texture of fabric, different metal surfaces, parts of the nature. Everything depends on mood.

And the most important, I just adore using as texture of a picture of the famous artists. It is my highlight. In each collage it is possible to learn the well-known work if properly to consider him.


Amsterdam Hostel



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