Provoking Reactions

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Provoking Reactions

Thomas Magnaval, Charles Bugny & Hugues Azambre

ENSA Paris Malaquais, 4th year.

Project for the Multi Comfort house students contest 2017


This project aims at re-qualifying the two existing buildings as much as the surrounding public space, the way to do it is to cover the site with a new skin creating a visual and conceptual unity to the project. This new cloak layed on the buildings and the park, carries the new insulation, structural needs and outdoors socials spaces on the housing block, it also creates the pedestrians pathing and activities areas in the park. The grid-like visual of the cloak is the support for a box system that shelters various uses all over the site, enabling social interaction between neighbors and bringing a new life the park.White cloak aims at recreating a social life within the buildings for the inhabitants, as much as redesigning the public space to create a dynamic and welcoming place all year long. The ambition of this project is to spread a community oriented way of living that will transform this intervention into a social landmark for the neighborhood.”

(Construction de... )


Who influences you graphically?

The influence of our illustrations is wide. We take most parts of our references from this website because we like to leave those realistic renderings that, if not done perfectly, are often disappointing. It isn’t choosing the simplicity to borrow this graphic style, but it’s a way of interpellate the spectator to surprise him by breaking the « codes ». For this project, we were marked by a cover of a book in an art showcase in Paris. As a result, we used a photo taken of it as reference to develop all our imagination around the project and the drawings.

(Construction de... )

What defined the method of representation of the project?

The method was rather simple, the idea was to start from a wired document with the true scale of things while disregarding shadows and contexts. The simple volumes of our project allowed to work in collages and superpositions of colors and textures to represent a real 3D. The particular, highly colored, graphics attract the attention of the observer while evoking certain information about the elements and materials. It is not the fact of not assuming our choices, but it is a will to remain blurred to allow the viewer to forge his own imagination around it.

(Construction de... )

How do the silhouettes inform the images? What is their role and what define their identity?

The silhouettes bring information, obviously on the scale of the project, but they also allow to give a certain animation and attraction for the person who looks at the image. On this point it was very important for us to attract the eye of the spectator on these elements because they offer a real game where each scene is more improbable than the other. Moreover, this project being carried out in the context of a competition, they allowed us to distinguish ourselves from the other participants by adopting a slightly more unusual style (Even doubtful sometimes). Our wish was to prove that it is possible to present a consistent project, while making things a little less serious.

(Construction de... )

What dictated the images through which you chose to reveal the project?

Since we had participated to this contest last year we already knew what to expect. The majority of projects offer very realistic views (more or less well realized), straight out of the computer. This is what motivated us to choose a particular graphic. What dictated our way of doing it is to say “go against the lack of creativity of these contests”. This choice, not without risks, allowed us to see things differently and to evolve on what we already knew.

(Construction de... )



Thomas Magnaval, Charles Bugny & Hugues Azambre are three masters’ students in architecture currently studying in Paris for their last year. Friends before they enjoy working together, they try to forge their own way of designing and drawing. The trio believes that the representation of a project should not only be clear, but also provoke a sentimental reaction, joy, amusement, surprise, envy, fun… More than a perfectly accurate representation, they aim at creating moods and atmospheres, while having fun doing it. They try to prove by these projects that a photorealistic render is not the only way.



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