Month: August 2017

Rendering Interactions Between Project And Site

Rendering Interactions Between Project And Site Amblard Amélie, Busmey Lisa, Huot-Marchand Coraline & Sessini Enzo@ National School of Architecture of Strasbourg, 2017 Competition _InNatur6 Opengap Competition (3rd Prize) Project 49°42’22.9’’N   0°11’40.3’’E  – The cliffs of Etretat belong to the artists who attempted and are still attempting to […]

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An Ambiguous Reality

An Ambiguous Reality Emma Fraser, Diploma 9 AA School of Architecture Projects Wonderwall The project concerns itself with the contemporary (ir)relevance of the cultural icon. Using the imminent global rising sea levels as a premise to relocate icons under threat, the Wonderwall is built as a vast […]

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A Labyrinth

A Labyrinth Adrien Quennepoix Project From boredom to anxiety, monotony to ennui – where is the surprise? How to disconnect? Queuing, waiting, running, watching: everything needs to be fast, big, clear and efficient. What about the moment? – An overwhelming need for action leading to a weak […]

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Veterotopia Gabriel Velasco   Project The project is a Veterans housing complex located in the industrial city of Vernon, California, situated just a few miles south of downtown Los Angeles. With the largest population of homeless veterans in the United States this project explores the […]

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Moonlight on 18th Street

Moonlight on 18th Street Sekou Nyerere   Project ‘Cinema influences the way I conceptualise and theorize space. It also helps me visually communicate an idea.’ Moonlight on 18th Street was a two part studio project where two vacant lots were filled on the 18th Street Corridor in Kansas […]

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In Collision

In Collision Nick Shekerjian Project Buildings have speed. People have speed within buildings. People experience architecture at a speed. In the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, lives are largely spent traveling, always in transition from one place to another. Within its freeway system, observed absences reveal that the moment of a collision […]

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Reimagining the Railway Scenery

Reimagining the Railway Scenery Sotiria Paschali & Vasiliki Rapanta Project Trikala is a city in northwestern Thessaly, central Greece. One of its main transportation links to mainland Greece is its railway network, signified  by a 1886 listed building functioning as the city’s passenger terminal and […]

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Repositioning Brasilia

Repositioning Brasilia Avery Chen Jiehui Project The project offers an unrealised ‘vision’ of Brasilia, predicated on modernism’s operation at an ‘aerial scale’ and the career and ambition of Oscar Niemeyer, the main architect of the buildings of Brasilia. Its premise is centred around the primacy […]

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Colour, Light and Compositional Lines

Başak Akman Project EXTENSION of the inaccessible pretentious particularities of Manhattan The Thesis: New York City is itself a hybrid, in which the architect does not need to add but connect by intervening and interjecting into the existing spaces. By providing connections and inhabitation to […]

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Challenging The Monochromatic

Challenging The Monochromatic Etienne Beaudoin-Mercier (University de Montreal ) & Loïc Cao (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL) Project Our project consisted in the planning of an actual empty space having the characteristic to be situated between new housing and harbor facilities in Bremen, Germany. […]

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