De Otio

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De Otio


*Winner project of competition "piranesi – prix de rome 2016”



The project arises from the Latin philosophical concept of "Otio", meant as the aesthetic contemplation of nature and archaeology.

10_monumental fountain03_monumental fountain

The main purpose of the project is to build a new cultural connection, a complex system in which an exhibition and thermal pavilion and a monumental fountain work together at a larger scale, rendering a both composite and impalpable space in a mixture of architecture, nature and archaeology inside Villa Adriana.

02_flower pool

The pavilion structures itself with geometrical volumes linked by a continuous stand and by a crowning element which reacts to the sequence of built spaces that are crossing and carving it.

04_site plan



Who influences you graphically?

We are influenced by various sources from different historical periods, in particular for this project we were influenced by collages of Yellow Office, Pre Raphaelite artists movement, and illustrations for the XVIII Century Grand Tour from Giovanni Battista Piranesi.


What dictated the method of representation of the proposal?

Our practice has developed a simple but effective graphic language, but we are always looking to different contemporary styles; in the past years we have experienced the use of collage as a narrative method of the project so we decided to use it because it best exposes the mood we were looking for.


How and to what extent does the format of the competition effect the types of drawing you chose to reveal the proposal through?

The competition format had a sort of influence in our graphic proposal. “Premio Piranesi Prix de Rome” competition does not allow rendered graphics, suggesting a different approach much similar to XVIII Century Grand Tour illustrations. We decided to follow the tip using lines and hatches for sections and perspective, but we also used collages and watercolours because these techniques best dispayed the latin idea of “Otium”, meant as the aesthetic contemplation of nature and archaeology.


How does this project sit in relation to other works completed by your practice?

Our architecture projects follow a precise and critic workflow: we start from a dialectical debate about our first impressions in order to improve and show ideas emerged from the interaction between us. All our designs are made of relationships: between us, the site, history and culture. We are also always looking for beauty, the target that every architecture practice should pursue. This work – as all others- came as the outcome of this process.


Abarchitects is a research and design team made up of three young architects, Fabio Alampi, Francesca Ambrosi and Giulia Benedetti.

Graduated in 2016 from the Politecnico of Milan with the thesis 'London Möbius Tech-A', a new public library proposal for the city of London as an entity of public and collective use, in a way that reflects the values of today's society; they are now working in a renowned architecture practice in milan whilst carrying on autonomous research projects and working as tutors for the architecture design master course at the Politecnico.


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