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Pablo Claudio Wegmann


The EGO-ZENTRVM project is based on Georg Simmel’s text “The Metropolis and mental life”, assuming the analysis of the consequences of the overwhelming contemporary lifestyle on the human psyche. One of the next big challanges of humanity is the design of global cities in which the necessity of a public and a private joy has to be figured out.

The fact that one of the few business sectors that continued growing during the global economic crisis was the fitness investment is quite interesting.

Our “over-connected” social structure forces an incessant lifestyle, where the real and the virtual space is difficult to distinguish in our mind.

How is our contemporary social behaviour influenced by technology and fashion? How is public space concieved in a society ruled by internet? How do we assume our social roles in a technological globalized world?

01_Situation, Pablo Wegmann, Master Project 2016

EGO-ZENTRVM wants to offer a sanctuary inspired by the roman baths and their ritualistic lifestile. For this commitment the Vicente Calderón football stadium in Madrid next to the Manzanares River is preserved and renovated instead of the planned demolition focused on economic interests.



Who influences you graphically?

Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Salvador Dalí are two traditional artists that left their mark in my subconscious since ever. But for sure Rem Koolhaas and his way to narrate architecture is probably the most influent contemporary referenceAnd for this project Jan Kaplický’s and Atelier Bow Wow’s axonometric drawings are an important reference. Also, Jason Lamb’s and Ned Scott’s works inspired me a lot.

(In any case, internet is full of inspirations and an endless number of talented artists.)

What dictated the choice of images through which you choose to reveal the proposal? How important is the axonometric?

The scale of this project was an important issue as it was the cultural symbol of Madrid’s football sanctuary. Axonometric views have, in my opinion, something monumental and overwhelming because they transmit a lot of information to the observer introducing him into a contextualized atmosphere.  So, I thought the to represent the proposal through axonometric drawings was appropriate for this narration.


What is the effect and purpose of the white frame?

According to the project and its topic of the superficial and the transcendental worlds our mind lives in, one strategy by planning the narration was the production of individual pictures inspired by multimedia platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

What is your take on colour?

As I mentioned before, Dalí and Piranesi may have a big influence on the use of the color in this project. The black and white pictures try to create a dramatic and monumental atmosphere, representing the dramatic situation our society is passing through. Whereas the colored pictures pretend to create a light-hearted and artificial one remembering Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave new world”.

05 _ catalogue, Pablo Wegmann, Master Project 2016Model

How could the flatness of the drawing be challenged with other virtual layers of animation etc to explore the proposal even further?

Of course, exploring and experimenting with video animated documents would have been very useful for the narration of this project. So, the designed atmosphere and special experience of the customer could have been transmitted in a much more effective way. Even in architecture, 3D video animations are taking a bigger importance every day.



Pablo Claudio Wegmann is a German born in Mexico D.F. and grown up in Madrid architect. He studied first Construction Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and then he took his Master Degree in Architecture in the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in 2016.

After working in offices from Berlin and Madrid now he works as a freelance Architect and Designer based in Madrid associated with his partner Nieves Calvo López under the name Les Hof-Architects.


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