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Museum X

Idan Sidi


The work of art is a cultural treasure, looking for it, could have been the life mission of a person.

Sometimes, the treasure itself is not as important as the path to find it. I aspire to turn the work of art to an integral part of the space, without building structures to surround it.



Who influences you graphically?

I tried to create a graphic line according to my idea, a journey to discover the art, because of that I was influenced by old maps illustration in black lines full of details.

What is your take on the architectural competition? and more in particular those of Non Architecture?

I didn’t take part in many architectural competitions during my degree. But those that I chose to submit to were very open minded. I felt that in such competitions there is freedom of imagination. Just like in the competition of “Non Architecture”, where the proposal can be anything from a device to an urban plan and the scale of intervention, program dimensions and location are not given and they can be arranged by us to suit our project.

I had an option to plan something that will never be built and it is very challenging. It gives me a place to try new things, Both conceptual and graphic, which I believe is very important, because graphics are the representation of your idea to the world.

What defined the language of representation through which you reveal your project?

I wanted to create camouflage in the images, to succeed and hide the works of art.

I tried make the viewer come closer and see the details, and look for what is invisible from an initial perspective.


If you could develop the proposal further, what would be your next steps?

If I had to developed the proposal I think the next step will be to turn it into a physical model. Bring people to have a little experience of treasure discovery. Think of the model as a unique game box.

What is your take on colour?

I think that because the black line was an attempt to imitate ancient treasure maps I didn’t use paint, I wanted to keep the idea preserved. The attempt to convey a search experience, Colours in my work could have influenced the discovery of the treasure I hid.

What is your take on the ‘spectacular’ architecture of the contemporary museum? 

My goal was to create a path without walls and give the possibility to wandering with a map, to find the unknown. You don’t know what will you discover and which work of art you will see. The paths will lead the viewer to the work and the search will become the adventure.  I think the contemporary try was to imagine a museum that is not at all a museum.



Idan was born in Tel-Aviv, and he is currently studying at Bezalel academy of art and design in Jerusalem.  He previously studied painting for 14 years and in 2015 he did a summer studio program in Tokyo. In 2016 he participated in the exchange programme at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais and did a 4 months internship at Chartier Dalix Architects.In the summer of 2017 Idan did an internship in Tokyo at junya.ishigami+associates.


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