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Léo Marty 


« The project takes place in a little city in the south of France. The goal was to imagine an equipment, more precisely a swimming pool who could improve the quality of life of city’s inhabitants.

/Users/leomarty/Desktop/Sketchup S6 AXO.dwg


Lifeline is a project which creates links. The idea wasn’t to draw a beautiful object lost in the middle of nowhere but propose a simple form who could be immediately understood and enjoyed by all people of the city.

structure intentions

Lifeline, like its name said, is a long building form by a simple first floor made of glass with cloakrooms and interior swimming pool. The glass permits a complete transparency between exteriors swimming pools and the public park creates by the particular form of the building. The park offers a garden for collective housing in front of the equipment.


The second floor is thought to be a volume of polycarbonate putting down on two big walls on each ends of the project. The polycarbonate push the aim to create a simple comprehensive form. Moreover, the transparency permits to create an amount of different facades drawn by the life of people inside the project.

/Users/leomarty/Desktop/FINAL COUPE SKETCHUP.dwg

Lifeline tells us the life of the city. »




Who influences you graphically?

Some architects influenced the graphic of documents.
For the montages, architects like NP2F and Viar estudio are masters. They use collages with specific views to choose what they want to tell us about the project.
For axonometric or plans, I like so much the simplicity of OFFICE black and white graphics and the complexity of uses in Atelier Bow-Wow handmade axonometric.


How important where the intention montages for the project?

The montages took entire part fort the development of the project. The classroom of Jean Larnaudie of Scalène architects had a very particular spirit. Indeed, the first approach wasn’t to immediately drew sketches or forms of the project. The aim was to develop ideas and explain it with intentions montages because montages are out of scales, out of form logics. Moreover, to express the intentions of project in montages permits to keep it in mind as strong as the beginning all along the project development.

3-intentions montage_ TO SEPARATE2-intentions montage_ TO FIT1-intentions montage_ TO LINK

What define the square format for the views?

Obviously, the first aim of views is to convince. The final presentation was on a Powerpoint presentation of twenty slides. So, first of all, I think the square format could establish a kind of narration based of that conducting line.
The second argument was induced by the project. Like some montages of NP2F, the project becomes a skyline and let imagine a foreground talking about life and uses. In that project, it permits to show how a « simple line » could permits differents uses.


What defined the selection of images through which you reveal the proposal?

The selection was made by the idea to express the best the uses of project and how people could live inside. Indeed, plans, axonometrics and even detail section are inhabited.



What were the main parameter when constructing the views? what is it that you really wanted to convey?

The views were construct to convey that the simple form of the project with that hard material isn’t austere. Polycarbonate panels become a board for life and ground is a platform for exchanges and meetings. Inside it, the swimming pool find his place.

perspective_day garden


How could the notion of linking be explored through the format? Could you have imagine one whole drawing which could be decomposed and reassembled?

The square format participes of the idea of link between documents. The story I wanted to tell was like a big board and each views permits to discover a new part of the project. The other idea was to make a focus on what works in the project and make forget other things.



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