Visualising, Criticising and Sharing through Images

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Visualising, Criticising and Sharing through Images

Lifeboat studio





The Stand, Gloucester Road

Lifeboat Studio are working with Kensington Council to propose refurbishment of an old Herald News stand, located directly opposite Gloucester Road Underground. The design will take cues from architectural motifs found in the local area, and will playfully reactivate an underutilised landmark overseen by thousands of passers-by every day. The project will be realised through a series of creative workshops with local schools.



All Saints Church Youth Hall:

Lifeboat Studio have been working with All Saints Church Peckham to deliver a cost efficient workspace to host the ever-expanding Sunday School Program. The project is a collaborative effort, with building elements directly developed alongside children participant in the program, making it their own! Lifeboat Studio have been running workshops in the development of the project’s design & construction to include the local community and youth group of the church.

Status: built


All Saints Church Youth Hall:

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Kennington Workspaces:

Lifeboat Studio made a proposal for meanwhile use of 13 empty garage units in South London, refurbishing the existing shells and transforming them into affordable workspaces. Each studio unit would be provided with power, lighting, glazed double doors, security shutters and an insulated, varnished timber shell: the aim is to efficiently reactivate the unused lock-ups to provide cost-effective workspace for local social enterprises. Adjacent a proposal has also been made to transform a garage unit into a connecting event/supper club space in collaboration with London Cooking Project.

 Status: feasibility study.




Who influences you graphically?

We’re definitely been inspired my many sources, ranging from mid century artists like David Hockney to contemporary collagists and architectural offices like OMMX.


Kennington Kitchen

What is your take on the drawing as a site for the exploration of a project or as final image? How important is the sketch?

I think the drawing is both important as an entry into a concept and entry into the project itself. The drawing allows you to visualise, criticise and more importantly – share an idea through a collective medium – which gives your idea validity to other people and yourself at any stage of a project. We live in a time that is more and more computerised, to the extent that we’re losing a sense of connection to our intuition. The sketch allows you to follow that gut feeling without being constrained by the expectation of realism.


Kennington Kitchen

What defines the means through which you choose to articulate an architectural intention?

I guess we have certain basic elements that tend to draw our attention – like lighting, an obscure object, a texture. But in our drawings it also often becomes more an overall ambience or atmosphere, which i think we like to articulate through depth of space or overlaying textures. I also particularly like to play with an element of nostalgia in the people we choose or filtering photographs.


All Saints Church Youth Hall

Recently there has been the proliferation of figures as those of Hockney,magritte amongst others- what is your take on this? What role do the silhouettes play within your montages? 

I personally love using ‘non-realistic’ figures like those of Hockney and other painters. Most of these kinds of architectural drawings are made as collages, so why constrict yourself to only using objects/people from other photographs? By using objects/people from paintings/illustrations it somehow allows the drawing to remain an architectural representation without trying to simulate a realistic image.

If you could give one piece of advise to young architecture students when it come to representing their projects what would this be?

I know that there often is a big expectation on students to make high-end visual representations as presentation images. I would stress that the in-progress and conceptual drawings are equally important. Don’t be too precious, follow your intuition!


lifeboat studio is a collective of designers & builders, working towards the creation of socially engaging & considerate spaces.

Their focus is to use their interdisciplinary experience to help deliver places of community value, putting people and their pursuits at the centre of what they do. Lifeboat want to be enablers: by operating across architecture, art & construction, they seek to create the frameworks for new uses & activities.

The studio hopes to develop as a collaborative platform: guided by a core team of job runners, we are starting to draw from an expanding supportive network of independent professionals. Together, they want to facilitate projects that may otherwise remain just ideas.


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