Month: January 2018

A Journey through the Unconscious

A Journey through the Unconscious Yasamin Arbabi Project These illustrations are part of an ongoing project whereby I document my dreams in the form of short and long stories. The stories set a narrative for my dreams and the illustrations compliment the stories by recreating the […]

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Creating an inclusive community within NYCHA

Creating an inclusive community within NYCHA Zahid Nawaz Ajam @ Columbia GSAPP [Hilary Sample, MOS Architects_Redrawing East Harlem, Spring 2017 Advanced Studio] Project Initiated as a part of Hilary Sample’s advanced studio “Re-drawing east Harlem” at Columbia GSAPP, the project attempts to take on the alienating […]

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Ropes of Life

Ropes of Life Elia Viesi Project Architecture beyond suicide A story like this should never be told. Because its world is as forbidden as it is fragile. Three-hundred ropes are tightened each year from tree to tree, like modern Ariadne’s threads in what we could de […]

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Revival Maxence De Block, Julia Vallvé & Arthur Poiret?   Project REVIVAL is born from the revitalization need of the Valley, according to the idea of setting up collaborative dynamics, that are assembled in a social and supportive economy cluster reaching the scale of Guebwiller region […]

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Discussing Life As A Creative Person

Discussing Life As A Creative Person Brian Alfred From the gallery to the city, Brian’s work explores mediums as those of collage, painting and animation. From large scale works to small scale, the relationship between these is continuously considered whilst trying to address larger contemporary […]

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Abol Tabol

Abol TaboL Felipe Andres Torres @ Columbia GSAPP MS.AAD Student [Advanced V Fall 2017 – Architecture vs. The City – Critic: Arindam Dutta]   Project In his poems Bengali author Sukumar Ray created a world of nonsense in which, through fantasy, he addressed socio-political problems […]

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Questioning What We See

Questioning What We See Yannick Martin Projects CASA What if the houses made by some of the most famous architects would have been projected inside of a cube? The idea here was to deform and stretch houses projected by some of the most well-known architects, […]

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Daily Drawing Exercises

Daily Drawing Exercises John Cline Project Working predominantly in pencil, pen, and ink, John Cline explores the drawing as a tool, a vehicle to explore ideas of the process of making. For Cline understanding process is critical for the exploration, iteration, testing, and the critical […]

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Valley of Wonders

Valley of Wonders Gavrilov Egor, Rodina Anna-Mariya, Poltavtseva Ellina, Ayrumyan Margarita @ Moscow Architectural Institute, Architecture, 3rd year Project Can a modern settlement organically ‘fit’ into its surrounding environment without threatening nature? How can this be achieved, what does this imply? Through the speculation of such a […]

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A Continuously Emerging Fence

A Continuously Emerging Fence Carl Krull       Project ‘While a line is being drawn, it behaves like a continuously emerging fence.’ Carl Krull seismographic universes confront the laws of space and form. Through a multitude of graphite lines, faces and shapes seem to emerge from […]

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Ambivalent Object VI: Gigantic

Ambivalent Object VI: Gigantic Gary Polk @ University of Pennsylvania [MArch, 3rd Year, Fall 2017 Option Studio (Professor: Jason Payne)] ‘The representational aesthetic of the project takes on several methods to ground the design in multiple historical and cultural realities. Along with hyperrealistic photography and satellite […]

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