Month: March 2018

Grid Study

Grid Study Joao Hauer  @  Dessau Institute of Architecture – 2018 (M.Arch Masters Student) Project Rather then a final solid product, Grid Study focuses on the process of creating specificity out of something totally generic, such as a simple grid. This exercise emphasizes the potentials of […]

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Refuge-ground : Towards habitable offshore salt platforms

Refuge-ground : Towards Habitable offshore Salt Platforms   Lambert David @ EnsAD (France; Refuge-ground : Towards habitable offshore salt platforms) Prelude « Hurricane Mora hits […] Bangladesh, with winds of up to 84 mph damaging thousands of homes and forcing the evacuation of 450, 000 […]

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Over Theatre

Over Theatre: Project for La Scala experimental theatre into the milan expo 2015 area Simone Gianluca Corberi, Fabio Dell’Arciprete, Marina Sassi @ Politecnic of Milan, Faculty of Architecture, Urban Studies and Building Engeneering, Architecture of Buildings Master Program       Project The project of the […]

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