Month: April 2018

A Rebellion of Design Ideals

A Rebellion of Design Ideals Charlotte Taylor With a long standing obsession with architecture, interiors and design objects, Charlotte’s drawings take existing architectural forms with the addition of fictional and playful elements. Through collecting visual material from interior and design magazines combined with her personal […]

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København Traces

København Traces_Place-making through form: an inquiry into Architectural Objects, Embodied Occupation And Place. Jesse Ewart @ VUW School of Architecture [Thesis Supervisor Dr. Simon Twose] Project This proposal is an architectural enquiry into how intertwined formal qualities of surface, volume and geometry affect occupation at different scales. The intention is to design performances […]

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Maelstrom Bennett Oh @ University of Waterloo [Professor John McMinn]     Project Maelstrom is conceived as a crossbreed between architecture and urban planning. Embracing the intersection of various systems, demographics, programs, and activities, the building simply manifests the complex nature and needs of urban […]

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