Month: June 2018

Beyond Big Project 

Beyond Big Project  Huai Kuan Chung @ Tamkang University   Project Beyond Big Project is aiming to discuss Taipei’s urban renewal issue. Based on current renewal policy, the government plays a relatively passive role, using floor area ration preference as an incentive for contractors. However, the […]

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Factory Pate’-the machine of authentication

Factory Pate’-the machine of authentication Sabrina Morreale @ Architectural Association 2009-2016   Project The factory examines architectural production. Architecture as a discipline is strictly dictated by individual authorship. Although, we have always been taught to collaborate and exchange ideas, in the architectural environment there is always […]

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Marsopotamia Andrea Bulloni Matteo Ciabattini, Marco Papagni, Nicolò Sabbadin @ Politecnico di Milano    Project Time reveals itself throughout architecture and this kind of expression occurs when time turns into space throughout built shapes. The first interplanetary civilization, however, is timeless, except for the one from […]

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