KooZA/rch is a Visionary Platform Designed for Architects and Curious People Worldwide. Its aim is to explore the role of the architectural drawing as a tool for communication in contemporary society.

It is designed as a platform that will continuously encourage the translation of architectural ideas into intricate and captivating drawings. Drawings, which can be defined as art. From line drawings to collages and photo manipulations, architects are nowadays becoming the painters of our century carefully articulating their projects in ingenious and beautiful ways.

KooZAr/chs’ purpose is that of a mediator between the individual and the realm of architecture through the awareness that there are a million and a one ways of depicting and translating an idea on paper.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koozarch




Archdaily   &   Metropolis Magazine_Inside the Digital Platform Championing Post-Digital Drawing

Metropolis Magazine_ Architecture Enters the Age of Post-Digital Drawing

Artwort_ The role of the image in contemporary architecture practice


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