KooZA/rch is a Visionary Platform Designed for Architects and Curious People Worldwide. Its aim is to explore and challenge the role of the architectural drawing in contemporary practice.

It is designed as a platform that will continuously encourage the translation of architectural ideas into intricate and captivating drawings. Drawings as tools through which one reveals and explores the multitude of layers which constitute a project. Rather than drawing as a tool for communication, KooZA/rch encourages the exploration of drawing  as a process in and of itself. The image should not exist as final product but rather as the proof of a continuous method of research

The platform aims to act as a mediator between the individual and the realm of architecture through the awareness that there are a million and a one ways of depicting and translating an idea on paper.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koozarch




Archdaily   &   Metropolis Magazine_Inside the Digital Platform Championing Post-Digital Drawing

Metropolis Magazine_ Architecture Enters the Age of Post-Digital Drawing

Artwort_ The role of the image in contemporary architecture practice


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