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The Phenomenon Of Marine Submersion

The Phenomenon Of Marine Submersion Jessica Lelandais et Mathilde Estlimbaum   Project The sea-level rise is one of the consequences of global warming, via two main processes: the expansion of water (as the oceans warm) and the melting of the terrestrial ice. Interactive maps of […]

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PORNOPOLIS Clémentine Dufaut Project PORNOPOLIS is a manifesto aiming to bring an erotic dimension to our cities and our connection with them. Its main purpose is to urbanize the industry – and in a larger scale, the practice – of sex in order to decomplex hidden […]

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The Single Object And The City

The Single Object And The City Andrea Cusanno   Project The city of Luxembourg is characterized by a strong duality: on one hand, in the eastern part of the city, the historical centre proposes itself as the model for the pre-industrial city, where the scale […]

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Interim Urbanism

Interim Urbanism Kig Veerasunthorn & Stephanie Tager Columbia, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation   Project The History of Working and Living The research began with the history of working and living culture. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that it was predominantly universal that […]

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Re-discussing the image of the Athenian Urban Landscape

Re-discussing the image of the Athenian Urban Landscape Ilias Oikonomakis & Angelos Siampakoulis Project This research project looks into the origins of Greek urban landscapes, a unique homogeneous form of urbanism shaped by the perpetual repetition of the fundamental apartment building type of ‘Polykatoikia’. Athens […]

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Welcome, Utopia!

Welcome, Utopia! Elena Gallego de Velasco Project ABSTRACT Almost one year ago Spain rejected the permanent mechanism for the distribution of refugees derived from the Syrian conflict, refusing to accept almost 15,000 people. From the dissappointment with this situation arises this proposal, trying to generate […]

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Challenging The Status Quo of Representation

Challenging The Status Quo of Representation Jaime Correa   Interview Who influences you graphically? Since the late 1980’s, photo-realistic means of digital representation have hijacked the search for the metaphysical and the rational in the architecture of the city. This photo-realistic world robbed architectural and […]

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Drawing the Ephemerality of Design

Drawing the Ephemerality of Design Francesca Esposito, Violetta Gambino, Francesca Icardi & Marina Mori   Project A City of Opportunities aims to show how good design can help improve certain social conditions such as the refugees welcoming process. The specific guidelines emerged from an earlier […]

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Oil Massive Society

Oil Massive Society Teo Sandigliano   Project For the Visual Communication Class at MIARD we were asked to develop a visual narrative inspired by a historical or fictional source. I chose “La Roba” from G. Verga, 1883: Mazzaró is representing the society and his obsession and […]

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Post-Petropolis: Alberta after Oil Boom

Post-Petropolis: Alberta after Oil Boom Ali Navid  Project Post-Petropolis is the story of conflicting natural and artificial landscapes; a speculative and theoretical proposal that explores today’s immense rate of consumption, our precipitous abuse of the landscape, and the planet’s scarce resources. The context is Alberta […]

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Searching for Sugar Land

Searching for Sugar Land Jaime Castilla Project Introduction Searching for Sugar Land is the result of an extensive and complex research that seeks alternatives to understand and intervene in the reality that Detroit lives today. This city has been shrinking since the 1950s. This particular […]

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Skopje Reckless: Towards A Dynamic Habitat

Skopje Reckless: Towards A Dynamic Habitat Sara Simoska Project The master thesis adresses the rapid inside growth of the city of Skopje, especially in density, neglecting the green areas, public spaces and diversity of activities. The project design occupies a huge abandoned area inside the […]

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