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Fragile and Delicate Inspiration

Fragile and Delicate Inspiration Pavel Kultyshev, Danilo Vukosavljevic and Olga Poletkina Project Chelyabinsk city in South Ural in Russia is a unique and distinctive territory that requires a special attitude towards it, and our project solution is committed to this idea. On the site is an […]

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Climatic Oasis #464

Climatic Oasis #464 Fabian Franciszkiewicz Project 2041- Climate change has transformed New York City into a desert. Vegetation is withering and the air is increasingly becoming worse. The population either lives in artificially cooled housing units, only usable due to massive air conditioning systems and the separation to […]

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Sleeping_The Book

Sleeping_The Book  A Non Architecture Competition  In a few days the Book of the Non Architecture competition Sleeping will be released! here below a brief of the other competition Making and an interview on the book itself! In the meantime the winners of the second […]

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A Built Mythology

A Built Mythology Kyriakos Miltiadous Project The current project aims to compose an architectural narration in which human, as a multi-sensory system, intervenes and reshapes the already existing environment of division and confliction, by re-examining the space and its qualities. As a context of investigation […]

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