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The Fabrication of Evidence

The Fabrication of Evidence Tommaso Maserati  Project Communication runs through emails, knowledge is obtained from search engines and moments are shared on social networks. While we are completely absorbed by this virtual reality, we rarely consider its physical weight. As our devices are getting smaller […]

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Assembling Through Elements of Precision

Assembling Through Elements of Precision David Legeai   pink is the NEW HOUSE ! in collaboration with Simona Popadic Propaganda is defined as a way of spreading misleading information in order to manipulate the masses. With the idea of progress, that is essential for development, the notion […]

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Creative Tank District

Creative Tank District Martina Dalla Bona & Alessia Cucciniello   Project The design proposal is developed on a research on the world of work and it’s new declinations: starting from the assumption that the contemporary concept of working is rapidly changing, it’s possible to identify its […]

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Compression & Density in Architecture

Compression & Density in Architecture Nicolas Diaz Bejarano @ Master of Architecture student (MARQ), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Project The project speculates on the institution of the library in the 21st century through a series of interventions of different scales from that of the piece […]

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Drawing with Optimism

Drawing with Optimism PUP Architects Projects Streetscapes Carousel This project was realised and built as a winning competition entry for the Mayor of London’s ‘Dressing London’ scheme during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Streetscape Carousels were a series of 5 room–scale temporary pavilions, each […]

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“[un]finished” André Barros 4th Year Student of Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (Brazil) – Bachelor in Architecture. Also an intern on landscaping and architecture firm JA8. Project Designed to shelter student activity in multiple campi across Brazil, this project embraces the idea of incompletion  – […]

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Depicting A Special Environment

Depicting A Special Environment Ivan Garibyan, Anastasia Tikhonova, Vasilisa Petrova Project The project was created as part of the international student competition for the philosophy museum in Kaliningrad, dedicated to 300th anniversary of Immanuel Kant’s birth. Until Second World War, there were five bridges that led […]

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Attracting and Communicating

Attracting and Communicating Claudia Begni and Giacomo Palomba   Project During the last years, numerous designers have taken to Pisa as ground upon which to experiment and to influence the city’s most important nodes. In a city that needs to redefine its contact between buildings, […]

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I Am A Firestation

I Am A Firestation Tomas Tran   Project Learning from Venturi and Scott Brown’s ideology of the duck and the decorative shed, my project seeks to celebrate the vernacular forms of fire stations by elevating them on top of a pedestal. The apparatus bay and the […]

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‘Monumental Interventations’

‘Monumental Interventations’ Zakaria Boucetta   Project “Monumental Interventions” has been a series of conceptual projects that I have been attempting to visualize in order to pursue further in my architectural masters thesis. The idea comes to integrate a new formal interventional architecture in between scenic […]

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Collaging Social & Political Intentions

Collaging Social & Political Intentions Mayuri Paranthahan Projects   Mad Girl’s Love Song In a series of collages, ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ depicts the female experience in the context of gendered space. These collages attempt to portray feminist issues spatially – for instance, the sexualization of the […]

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