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Errors as Mutation

Errors as Mutation Na-Pat Tengtrirat Project  The question of authorship surrounding a piece of work has always been a central theme in its analysis and its subsequent interpretation. Those with authority (author) and power (institution) hold the key in unlocking the meaning and significance of […]

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Para-Scraper Abhishek Sharma, Arnab Chakraborty, Paras Thappa & Bhavesh Garg Project “Good taste is not simply good taste; there exists, indeed, a good taste of bad taste” (Susan Sontag, Notes on Camp)   Para-Scraper The greatest bad skyscraper para-scraper /ˈparə-skʌɪskreɪpə/ˈ comprises of the works dismissed […]

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URBAN SCENOGRAPHIES: Western Europe Gerardo Aguilar   Project Understanding identity as features that differentiate one thing from another, Urban Scenographies acts as a compiler of urban-architectural objects of a site, to reinterpret it and create scenarios through the mixture, exaggeration, evidence, elimination, abstraction and simplifi […]

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‘The Axonometric Is My Favourite Projection’

‘The Axonometric Is My Favourite Projection’ Irena Gajic   Projects The Unsolicited Sideshow_Chicago Architecture Biennale The Unsolicited Sideshow is a pop-up exhibit and event series that will open in tandem with the Chicago Architecture Biennial at the Chicago Athletic Association. The illustration is for the exhibition […]

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