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                                Form:uLA Brian Cantley Form:uLA is an experimental design practice led by Bryan Cantley, whose work attempts to blur the undefined zone between architecture and its representation. Cantley has lectured […]

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Vertical City

                                                Vertical City  Margherita Borroni, Marco Gambarè, Martina Lamperti Interview: Who influences you graphically?  Dogma, and Tom Haugomat. You mainly explore your project through axonometric […]

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Graphite:Drawing a Phenomenological Approach

                                Graphite:Drawing a Phenomenological Approach Oliver Chiu  ‘The tactile nature of hand drawing elicits a bodily sensibility of both mental concentration and the ability to look.’ Oliver Chiu’s work shows how […]

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The Lung of Phnom Penh

                              The Lung of Phnom Penh   Maya Laitinen The Lung of Phnom Penh” is sited at one of the urban lakes in the capital of Cambodia. It has recently been […]

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AA Diploma Honours

                                                              Diploma Honours   A Selection of work from the 2014 AA Diploma Honours. Diploma […]

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Ikebana Architecture

                          Ikebana Architecture   Junya Ishigami   “to integrate architecture and landscape in a novel way” “The formula architecture + landscape generally makes people think of a building which is located within specific […]

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