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The Highgate Wake House

The Highgate Wake House Cathal Crumley Project The Highgate Wake House has been conceived as an amalgamation of various architectural interests. The Wake House can be described as three dwellings unified by an individual external lining. It’s material composition is of a modest nature. A timber […]

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A Flow Of Organic Lines

A Flow Of Organic Lines Christa Rijneveld   Project Impressed by the enormity of the Rocky mountain landscape, intrigued by its’ shapes and layers, intimidated by the beauty and danger of this natural artefact Christas’ images are absorbed in depth and curves. The work generally […]

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Reconstructions: Narratives of Arctic Drift 

Reconstructions: Narratives of Arctic Drift  Elyse Kavanagh @ M.Arch Graduate Thesis, University of British Columbia   Project Architecture begins with a drawing, a representation of a place not yet existing, and then through measurements and tools those representations become real space. I am interested in the […]

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Les Perspectives de la Mémoire

Les Perspectives de la Mémoire, 1st prize @ 44th Nisshin Kogyo Competition: Architecture that bridges XOPA architecture bureau   Brief “Bridging” signifies, “connecting different places by drawing bridges”. Once the bridge is drawn over the river, the traffic of people and matter is born. Recently, we […]

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A Bit of Architectural Drawing

A Bit of Architectural Drawing Federico Rebecchini   Project  I wanted to understand the meaning architectural drawing by hand had in the past, and the meaning it has today. To do so the only things that I could do were to study and draw. After […]

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The Most Complete Art

The Most Complete Art Alina Sonea Projects ”My work so far was an architectural and geometrical investigation of the things that I saw or felt and a way of bringing them to an essential representation through the use of black lines on paper. The “Historical […]

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From Priorities to Project

From Priorities to Project Jamie Stirrat   Projects (in)-Habits: Economy Student Housing in the conflicted city of Belfast. Cities, like dreams, In Italo Calvino’s fanciful and acclaimed novel Invisible Cities, he states ‘even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are are […]

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Visualising What Nobody Has Yet Seen

Visualising What Nobody Has Yet Seen Tomoyuki Tanaka Project Through the ballpoint and his X ray style, Tomoyuki Tanaka challenges our understanding of interior and exterior, bustle and atmosphere, part and whole unravelling the extremely complex network of Tokyo’s transportation hubs. From a research period […]

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Drawing The Informality of The Architectural Studio

Drawing The Informality of The Architectural Studio [OPENGAP ARCHITECT’S STUDIO competition 2016, First Prize] STUDIO-MISHIN architectural bureau   Project Located in the historic centre of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the site is surrounded by old buildings, whose architecture seems to be ordinary. The chaotic development of the […]

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Exploring The Meticulousness of Hand Drawing

Exploring The Meticulousness of Hand Drawing Ryan Hinson Project A Roamers Retreat – Re-activating Conisbrough Viaduct (Conisbrough, UK) The Trans Pennine Trail is a long-distance path running from coast to coast across Northern England entirely on surfaced paths and using only gentle gradients. In the East, […]

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A Critical Convergence of Hand and Digital

A Critical Convergence of Hand and Digital Francesco Stumpo Projects tabula_rasa_100.2 A series of a 100 drawings of routes, maps, thoughts and connections that intersect in a tabula rasa of 8.5 by 5.5 in. between_light_color Illustration series of some essential architecture projects from the 20th century. […]

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