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The Single Object And The City

The Single Object And The City Andrea Cusanno   Project The city of Luxembourg is characterized by a strong duality: on one hand, in the eastern part of the city, the historical centre proposes itself as the model for the pre-industrial city, where the scale […]

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Interim Urbanism

Interim Urbanism Kig Veerasunthorn & Stephanie Tager Columbia, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation   Project The History of Working and Living The research began with the history of working and living culture. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that it was predominantly universal that […]

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Architecture As Memory

Architecture As Memory Stefan Bleekrode Project The drawings in pen and ink, are constructed almost entirely from memory to recreate the places Stefan visited and to capture the ingenuity and creativity of various architectural styles. Interview Who influences you graphically? There are many people who […]

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Idea Exchange Pavilion

Idea Exchange Pavilion Andreas Angelo Thiis & Vilius Vizgaudis Project The project aims to explore how the organisation of a meeting place can be generated through an analysis of social rituals and weather seasons in Danish culture and climate. The design is organised through algorithm and […]

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Re-discussing the image of the Athenian Urban Landscape

Re-discussing the image of the Athenian Urban Landscape Ilias Oikonomakis & Angelos Siampakoulis Project This research project looks into the origins of Greek urban landscapes, a unique homogeneous form of urbanism shaped by the perpetual repetition of the fundamental apartment building type of ‘Polykatoikia’. Athens […]

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Archipelago of Constellations

Archipelago of Constellations Fani Christina Papadopoulou Project There is underutilized capital to be found in the island complex in the Boston Harbor. The islands are astonishing resources, in terms of their natural resistance to flooding,the existing infrastructure and their diverse landscapes and ecosystems. There is […]

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Welcome, Utopia!

Welcome, Utopia! Elena Gallego de Velasco Project ABSTRACT Almost one year ago Spain rejected the permanent mechanism for the distribution of refugees derived from the Syrian conflict, refusing to accept almost 15,000 people. From the dissappointment with this situation arises this proposal, trying to generate […]

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Three Urban Visions

Three Urban Visions Andrew Bruno Projects Apologies to Jane Jacobs envisions the New York City gridiron reintroduced to the Penn South housing complex, with an additional overlay of a counter-grid of built and open space. Apologies uses collage as a tool to envision the spatial and programmatic qualities […]

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The Beauty of Simplicity

The Beauty of Simplicity Pablo Sanchez Lopez Project Football for Everyone – Towards a more inclusive experience of sports events ‘Football for Everyone’ is an urban strategy that challenges the way we collectively attend sporting events by proposing a much more accessible experience. Originally being […]

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Drawing the Ephemerality of Design

Drawing the Ephemerality of Design Francesca Esposito, Violetta Gambino, Francesca Icardi & Marina Mori   Project A City of Opportunities aims to show how good design can help improve certain social conditions such as the refugees welcoming process. The specific guidelines emerged from an earlier […]

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The International Symposium of Virtual Allegories

The International Symposium of Virtual Allegories_Nominated for RIBA Bronze Presidents Medal 2015 Jac Doody Project The culmination of a year long investigation into the disenfranchised district of Lea Hall outside of Birmingham and it’s tensions with the bypassing proposed HS2 line, the scheme consists of […]

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Fragile and Delicate Inspiration

Fragile and Delicate Inspiration Pavel Kultyshev, Danilo Vukosavljevic and Olga Poletkina Project Chelyabinsk city in South Ural in Russia is a unique and distinctive territory that requires a special attitude towards it, and our project solution is committed to this idea. On the site is an […]

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Architecture In Motion

Architecture In Motion Estudio Pepino El Estaribel According to the call for papers of XV Cultural week of  ETSAS, Estudio Pepino proposed a conference-workshop called “ Architecture and destruction” The conference was developed through the opposites, from the architecture of destruction, unable to adapt itself […]

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