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De Magnalibus Urbis Mediolani

De Magnalibus Urbis Mediolani Claudia Consonni & Martina Fabris Project According to the United Nations, in 2015 only, there were about 260 million international migrants, people who left their birthplaces to live in a different geographical or social reality. Of these, 65 million were forced […]

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Farming the Common Sea 

Farming the Common Sea   Emily Temperton @ RCA (Royal College of Art), ADS6 Project This proposal consists of a ‘co-location’ of aquaculture amongst offshore wind farms as a more considered approach to food production. The new aquaculture industry benefits coastal communities who have been impacted by […]

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Reimagining the Railway Scenery

Reimagining the Railway Scenery Sotiria Paschali & Vasiliki Rapanta Project Trikala is a city in northwestern Thessaly, central Greece. One of its main transportation links to mainland Greece is its railway network, signified  by a 1886 listed building functioning as the city’s passenger terminal and […]

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Vi.e.llage _ Drafting A Tropical Universe

Vi.e.llage _ Drafting A Tropical Universe Tiphaine Berthome & Emmanuelle Robin   Project This project concerns the collaborative erection of a large community hut to be used by nine families living in the small village of Nkol-Assi, in the middle of tropical forest, in the Mefou […]

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Attracting and Communicating

Attracting and Communicating Claudia Begni and Giacomo Palomba   Project During the last years, numerous designers have taken to Pisa as ground upon which to experiment and to influence the city’s most important nodes. In a city that needs to redefine its contact between buildings, […]

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The Single Object And The City

The Single Object And The City Andrea Cusanno   Project The city of Luxembourg is characterized by a strong duality: on one hand, in the eastern part of the city, the historical centre proposes itself as the model for the pre-industrial city, where the scale […]

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Interim Urbanism

Interim Urbanism Kig Veerasunthorn & Stephanie Tager Columbia, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation   Project The History of Working and Living The research began with the history of working and living culture. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that it was predominantly universal that […]

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Architecture As Memory

Architecture As Memory Stefan Bleekrode Project The drawings in pen and ink, are constructed almost entirely from memory to recreate the places Stefan visited and to capture the ingenuity and creativity of various architectural styles. Interview Who influences you graphically? There are many people who […]

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Idea Exchange Pavilion

Idea Exchange Pavilion Andreas Angelo Thiis & Vilius Vizgaudis Project The project aims to explore how the organisation of a meeting place can be generated through an analysis of social rituals and weather seasons in Danish culture and climate. The design is organised through algorithm and […]

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Re-discussing the image of the Athenian Urban Landscape

Re-discussing the image of the Athenian Urban Landscape Ilias Oikonomakis & Angelos Siampakoulis Project This research project looks into the origins of Greek urban landscapes, a unique homogeneous form of urbanism shaped by the perpetual repetition of the fundamental apartment building type of ‘Polykatoikia’. Athens […]

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Archipelago of Constellations

Archipelago of Constellations Fani Christina Papadopoulou Project There is underutilized capital to be found in the island complex in the Boston Harbor. The islands are astonishing resources, in terms of their natural resistance to flooding,the existing infrastructure and their diverse landscapes and ecosystems. There is […]

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