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From Priorities to Project

From Priorities to Project Jamie Stirrat   Projects (in)-Habits: Economy Student Housing in the conflicted city of Belfast. Cities, like dreams, In Italo Calvino’s fanciful and acclaimed novel Invisible Cities, he states ‘even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are are […]

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Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds Roni Schanin   Project Flora in a community environment is an important factor in shaping its identity. However, the process of unifying communities and cultures into similar global characteristics leads to loss of biodiversity. Colors, shapes and flavors disappear into hybrid varieties that […]

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Ecdysis Noah Medlinsky, Shuxin Wu   @ University of Pennsylvania, PennDesign Graduate Architecture [Second Year M.Arch I Students]     Project  Introduction: Ecdysis aims to explore a new architectural typology through the creation of a new underground world in Queens, New York. As the city […]

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Ambivalent Object VI: Gigantic

Ambivalent Object VI: Gigantic Gary Polk @ University of Pennsylvania [MArch, 3rd Year, Fall 2017 Option Studio (Professor: Jason Payne)] ‘The representational aesthetic of the project takes on several methods to ground the design in multiple historical and cultural realities. Along with hyperrealistic photography and satellite […]

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Anatomical Manipulation

Anatomical Manipulation Corpo Atelier “The images are handmade multi-authored representations of what we call anatomical manipulation, where specific architectural elements are tested in relation to a specific site or existing building, to whom which they are deeply related. Pictures taken whit the iPhone in site visits […]

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The Missing Middle

The Missing Middle_A resilient housing strategy for strengthening the commercial strip along the avenues with middle density typologies in a search for a post-suburbanity. Nik Vandewyngaerde @ Catholic University of Leuven & Daniels Faculty of Architecture – University of Toronto [Promotor : Ward Verbakel, Co-promotors: Tom Thys, Yuri Gerrits​​​​​​​] […]

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The Park of Five Seas

The Park of Five Seas Kleinewelt Architekten and Citizenstudio / Gorozhane Group Project The project is a design of the Northern River Boat Station Park in Moscow – the Park of Five Seas. Today the park is put behind and excluded from the city’s life, […]

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[CON] texture

[CON] texture Anton Sevastianov Project Historically, residential areas were formed around retail areas, markets and bazaars, which were a full-fledged public space for communication and exchange of cultural experience. The idea of the project is to transfer and adapt the traditions of the formation of […]

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Object +

Object + Caleb Ehly Project The archive develops a historical significance through a curated and hyper specific clustering that orients objects, specifically focusing on those of future importance, through a personal objectification of prototype theory that initiates a conversation between its curator, the archivist or […]

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Microcosms for Immersions; The Childhood Factory

Microcosms for Immersions; The Childhood Factory Taylor Grindley Project The creeping privatisation of the public realm in the UK’s urban centres degrades civic life and social spaces, reducing towns and cities to an infrastructure purely facilitating consumption. Our lives are cluttered with the short-term ‘fix’ […]

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An Urban laboratory For The Sahrawi Refugee Camp

An Urban laboratory For The Sahrawi Refugee Camp Beatriz Villapecellin Villanueva @  KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation Project The project addresses the Saharawi youth living in the refugee camp of Smara. The centre proposes youth retention initiatives to ensure that refugees are […]

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Low-Expectations House

Low-Expectations House Yannis Karababas @ Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Architecture [Supervisor: Apostolos Kalfopoulos] Project A house- the par excellence familiar place- appears as a physical object, and at the same time as a mythological formation, a mental complex of images which is culturally defined. In […]

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