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Art Making As Space Making

Art Making As Space Making Flavie Audi Audi combines digital technology and both traditional and new glass-making techniques, working with highly skilled craftsmen to carry out her distinctive shapes and colours. During the making process, Audi embraces accidents and new discoveries, which then become an integral […]

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Twofold Representation

Twofold Representation Charlotte Ferreux   Project Conversion center of many flows, major roads and motorways, stations, bus stations and metro stations … Campo Eliseos is the object of a renewal commitment initiated by the municipality. Associated with the Pinacoteca, the Sala Sao Paulo, …, and […]

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Concrete Explorations

Concrete Explorations Nicolò Zanatta Project This Master Thesis focus on the exploration of possible alternative urban spaces in the works of Piranesi, Sant’Elia and Rossi, via their translation in a series of cast models and 3D-printed elements. The final result is a series of photos […]

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Making Definite Projects

Making Definite Projects FAKT Projects #034 Montpellier Installation FAKT #034 is an installation piece realized in June 2015 in the courtyard 6 rue trésoriers de la bourse, Montpellier in the context of the festival des architectures vives. The project works as a progressive experiment both […]

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Metamorphosis of a Monument

Metamorphosis of a Monument_Les Olympiades, a Modern Heritage  Florent Leung & Maxime Duquet  Project This work was a result of a larger research on the becoming of the seventies modernist utopias. “Les Olympiades” are for  modern heritage us a testimony of this thinking and a site with […]

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W-70_Life and Death of Previous Era Prefabs

W-70_Life and Death of Previous Era Prefabs Agnieszka Roś, Robert Dobrowolski & Natalia Skolimowska Project The prefabricated housing comes from the modernist ideas. First such buildings appeared in Western Europe in the 20’s. Main reasons for typification were reducing costs and making construction easier and […]

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Model Meets Photograph

Model Meets Photograph Laura Huertas Project The Florapark Depression Recovery Center located in Amsterdam Noord is a non-hospitalized health care institution project for young patients. The research carried out for the design focuses on the interest and relevance to use body mind therapies both as […]

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FoodRail_Designing Concept and Project

FoodRail_Designing Concept and Project  Eleni Papantoniou & Maria Koinidou Advisors: Apostolos Kalfopoulos & Stavros Vergopoulos Project One amazing fact about our school is that it allows all students to pick the subject and mentors of their own preference for their master thesis. Our team’s personal mission/challenge was to […]

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Sloughland_Colour is Life

Sloughland_Colour is Life Charles McLaughlin Project “Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards- and good luck!” Liam Byrne, Chief Secretary to the Treasury,Labour 2010 Sloughland is a community-led housing scheme that was a reaction to a controversial planning proposal in Slough, […]

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Evoking Memories, An Architecture of Desire

Evoking Memories, An Architecture of Desire Gustav Düsing & Max Hacke «The most interesting characteristic of the cube is that it is relatively uninteresting. Compared to any other three ü-dimensional form, the cube lacks any aggressive force, implies no motion, and is least emotive. Therefore, […]

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Where Emptiness Opens The Door For Imagination

Where Emptiness Opens The Door For Imagination Angelika Hinterbrandner  Interview Who influences you graphically? I can’t name one specific person or one particular architectural practice that inspires me by itself. Sometimes my work is influenced by music, sometimes by art, photography or yesterdays’ night out […]

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Drawing The Process

Drawing The Process Homu Architects Interview Who influences you graphically? We are very eclectics and we like to create our personal “correspondance” between the stimulus around us. We think the strongest influences we received are coming from exhibitions of the art paintings or sculpture visited. […]

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