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Air_Conditions: Restoring The Public Sphere

Air_Conditions: Restoring The Public Sphere Roman Kekel Project Maintenance is a key form of preservation and preservation is an act of maintenance. The unassuming banality of maintenance systems allows them to surreptitiously become constructive and destructive architectural acts. Without maintenance, architecture quickly becomes obsolete. There is […]

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A Tale Of Two Houses

A Tale Of Two Houses David FLorez & Adria Carbonell (2017 ‐ Ku Leuven ‐ International master in Architecture) Project The project was developed within the framework “Promiscuous Assemblages” and it explores the topic of Human territory. The aim of the research was to use […]

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Building Common(s) By Building Walls

Building Common(s) By Building Walls Vika Khokhlova @ TU Munich, Studio Sophie Wolfrum, Sofia Dona   Project The permanent state of crisis, within the area of Victoria, Athens, causes a constant feeling of abandonment for its citizens.   Whereas the empty apartments at polykatoikias do […]

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Museum X

Museum X Idan Sidi Project The work of art is a cultural treasure, looking for it, could have been the life mission of a person. Sometimes, the treasure itself is not as important as the path to find it. I aspire to turn the work […]

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A Comic\Architectural Hybrid

A Comic\Architectural Hybrid Maïté Biechy Project After researching on the Baltic sea’s unsustainable situation and after observing the irony of the official actors statements, the project uses this irony and proposes an actual collaboration to reach the claimed common goal directly to the European Union. […]

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Exploring The Meticulousness of Hand Drawing

Exploring The Meticulousness of Hand Drawing Ryan Hinson Project A Roamers Retreat – Re-activating Conisbrough Viaduct (Conisbrough, UK) The Trans Pennine Trail is a long-distance path running from coast to coast across Northern England entirely on surfaced paths and using only gentle gradients. In the East, […]

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A Built Free Choice

A Built Free Choice Michele Marini   Project The project tackles the deisgn of a hypothetic house for the one character of the movie “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman. The house name is “A built free choice”, because, sometimes, choices must be taken in the right […]

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Farming the Common Sea 

Farming the Common Sea   Emily Temperton @ RCA (Royal College of Art), ADS6 Project This proposal consists of a ‘co-location’ of aquaculture amongst offshore wind farms as a more considered approach to food production. The new aquaculture industry benefits coastal communities who have been impacted by […]

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Stonehenge Reliquary

Stonehenge Reliquary Manny Zermeno_5th Year Topic Studio – Cal Poly Pomona Project Stonehenge was; an ancient burial site, a healing center, a solar calendar, and a pilgrimage destination.  Its type of ‘use’ has ranged spanning its 5000 years of existence, but its true purpose has […]

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The Single Object And The City

The Single Object And The City Andrea Cusanno   Project The city of Luxembourg is characterized by a strong duality: on one hand, in the eastern part of the city, the historical centre proposes itself as the model for the pre-industrial city, where the scale […]

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