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Isolated Architecture

Isolated Architecture  Joseph Ignacio Ruiz_T38 Studio I think the objectification of the architectural piece becomes more evident when presented against a plain background, you know that its planes will be affected by numerous elements but  once these planes are isolated from a sky, a source of […]

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Where Representation Meets Reality

Where Representation Meets Reality Alberto Spinella & Massimo Tenan Project During the last years hostels have earned great popularity due to their cheapness, but mainly thanks to the many possibilities they give to their young guests in order to spend time in the common spaces […]

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Where Form Makes The Historic Continuum Emmanuelle Agustoni, Benoît Jacques & Matthieu Perin Project The Laguna Veneta is an enclosed archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. An archipelago is a collection of natural and artificial islands set on a uniform surface that both unites and divides […]

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