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The Fabrication of Evidence

The Fabrication of Evidence Tommaso Maserati  Project Communication runs through emails, knowledge is obtained from search engines and moments are shared on social networks. While we are completely absorbed by this virtual reality, we rarely consider its physical weight. As our devices are getting smaller […]

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On The Quest For An Expressive Method

On The Quest For An Expressive Method Kelissa Cartier Project The project explores a practical answer to the questions raised during the research: how can the transformation of an abandoned Olympic infrastructure revitalize and transform an area of the city. To start off the identification of several […]

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We Believe In Images

We Believe In Images KOSMOS Architects  Projects Tower & Labyrinth_”House of Fairytales” Museum of H.C. Andersen. Competition 1st prize New Museum of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark consists of two parts: the Tower and the Labyrinth. Tower, contains all the public and research functions […]

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Drawing Through Form And Composition

Drawing Through Form And Composition Karolina Czeczek @ Yale School of Architecture, Project from advanced design studio, Spring Spring 2014, Pieri Vittorio Aureli   Project The project imagines an alternative form of co-habitation that redefines what is our existence minimum. By juxtaposition of the concept of ownership versus […]

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Projecting Identity

Projecting Identity Emmanuelle Cassot Project The old paper factory ‘La Papete’, located in Nanterre next to Paris, is incredibly rich in terms of architecture. The story of this factory started in 1904 and end in 2010. Today the 17 hectares have been bought by BNP […]

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SLUM Guillaume Fournier   Project SLUM is an informal occupation structure for emerging companies, designed by the architect and completed by its occupants. This project aims to accompany an informal movement of territorial occupation by the design of a mutable structure on the margin of […]

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Isolated Architecture

Isolated Architecture  Joseph Ignacio Ruiz_T38 Studio I think the objectification of the architectural piece becomes more evident when presented against a plain background, you know that its planes will be affected by numerous elements but  once these planes are isolated from a sky, a source of […]

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Where Representation Meets Reality

Where Representation Meets Reality Alberto Spinella & Massimo Tenan Project During the last years hostels have earned great popularity due to their cheapness, but mainly thanks to the many possibilities they give to their young guests in order to spend time in the common spaces […]

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Where Form Makes The Historic Continuum Emmanuelle Agustoni, Benoît Jacques & Matthieu Perin Project The Laguna Veneta is an enclosed archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. An archipelago is a collection of natural and artificial islands set on a uniform surface that both unites and divides […]

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