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Architecture of the Forest

Architecture of the Forest Jonathan Hellsten @ Lund University [5th year thesis]     Project A journey from a site survey in the southern boreal forest of Sweden to an urban housing strategy aimed for dense cities where greenery is sparse. Spatial qualities are measured […]

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Maelstrom Bennett Oh @ University of Waterloo [Professor John McMinn]     Project Maelstrom is conceived as a crossbreed between architecture and urban planning. Embracing the intersection of various systems, demographics, programs, and activities, the building simply manifests the complex nature and needs of urban […]

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Over Theatre

Over Theatre: Project for La Scala experimental theatre into the milan expo 2015 area Simone Gianluca Corberi, Fabio Dell’Arciprete, Marina Sassi @ Politecnic of Milan, Faculty of Architecture, Urban Studies and Building Engeneering, Architecture of Buildings Master Program       Project The project of the […]

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Air_Conditions: Restoring The Public Sphere

Air_Conditions: Restoring The Public Sphere Roman Kekel Project Maintenance is a key form of preservation and preservation is an act of maintenance. The unassuming banality of maintenance systems allows them to surreptitiously become constructive and destructive architectural acts. Without maintenance, architecture quickly becomes obsolete. There is […]

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Rendering Interactions Between Project And Site

Rendering Interactions Between Project And Site Amblard Amélie, Busmey Lisa, Huot-Marchand Coraline & Sessini Enzo@ National School of Architecture of Strasbourg, 2017 Competition _InNatur6 Opengap Competition (3rd Prize) Project 49°42’22.9’’N   0°11’40.3’’E  – The cliffs of Etretat belong to the artists who attempted and are still attempting to […]

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