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The Theatre of Possibility

The Theatre of Possibility Luca Gilardoni @ Politecnico di Milano [Master of science degree in Architectural Design (2nd year), Major in Landscape and Urban Design ( designed with Bice Ghetti and Francesca Ripamonti, Politecnico di Milano, Master of science degree in Architectural Design)] Project A scene, […]

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Para-Scraper Abhishek Sharma, Arnab Chakraborty, Paras Thappa & Bhavesh Garg Project “Good taste is not simply good taste; there exists, indeed, a good taste of bad taste” (Susan Sontag, Notes on Camp)   Para-Scraper The greatest bad skyscraper para-scraper /ˈparə-skʌɪskreɪpə/ˈ comprises of the works dismissed […]

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Maelstrom Bennett Oh @ University of Waterloo [Professor John McMinn]     Project Maelstrom is conceived as a crossbreed between architecture and urban planning. Embracing the intersection of various systems, demographics, programs, and activities, the building simply manifests the complex nature and needs of urban […]

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