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Creativity Isn’t An Equation

Creativity Isn’t An Equation Peter Judson Long after the Radical Design period, Peter Judson sways us back into the striking colours, scale distortion and irony of the era in a contemporary style. We lose ourselves in his realms of isometric projections, where opposing scales collide, […]

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Anatomical Manipulation

Anatomical Manipulation Corpo Atelier “The images are handmade multi-authored representations of what we call anatomical manipulation, where specific architectural elements are tested in relation to a specific site or existing building, to whom which they are deeply related. Pictures taken whit the iPhone in site visits […]

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The Missing Middle

The Missing Middle_A resilient housing strategy for strengthening the commercial strip along the avenues with middle density typologies in a search for a post-suburbanity. Nik Vandewyngaerde @ Catholic University of Leuven & Daniels Faculty of Architecture – University of Toronto [Promotor : Ward Verbakel, Co-promotors: Tom Thys, Yuri Gerrits​​​​​​​] […]

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The Park of Five Seas

The Park of Five Seas Kleinewelt Architekten and Citizenstudio / Gorozhane Group Project The project is a design of the Northern River Boat Station Park in Moscow – the Park of Five Seas. Today the park is put behind and excluded from the city’s life, […]

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[CON] texture

[CON] texture Anton Sevastianov Project Historically, residential areas were formed around retail areas, markets and bazaars, which were a full-fledged public space for communication and exchange of cultural experience. The idea of the project is to transfer and adapt the traditions of the formation of […]

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An Absolute Point Of View

An Absolute Point Of View Federica Fogazzi Project The project is located in the centre of Addis Ababa. This area is clearly divided into a modern quarter, featuring high rise buildings and advanced infrastructure, and a historical quarter that comes from the foundation of the […]

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Building Common(s) By Building Walls

Building Common(s) By Building Walls Vika Khokhlova @ TU Munich, Studio Sophie Wolfrum, Sofia Dona   Project The permanent state of crisis, within the area of Victoria, Athens, causes a constant feeling of abandonment for its citizens.   Whereas the empty apartments at polykatoikias do […]

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We Believe In Images

We Believe In Images KOSMOS Architects  Projects Tower & Labyrinth_”House of Fairytales” Museum of H.C. Andersen. Competition 1st prize New Museum of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark consists of two parts: the Tower and the Labyrinth. Tower, contains all the public and research functions […]

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Atmospheres Of The Sin

Atmospheres Of The Sin Nieves Andrea Calvo Lopez Project “Atmospheres of the sin” develops as an intense phenomenological and urban analysis of the context of Bordeaux city upon which a field of personal experimentation, with regards to the French culture of seduction and transgression, is added. […]

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Eco Farm_A Satirical Statement

Eco Farm_A Satirical Statement Courtney Klein Project EcoFarm Meat Market is based in Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, an expansive Brownfield site abutting the central downtown core. The market’s adjacency to newly thriving neighbourhoods, as well as its numerous connections to public transit, will allow the market to profit […]

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Crafting Sensitivity

Crafting Sensitivity KOHT Architects Project With roots leading back to 1910, NTNU is the largest university in Norway, with approximately 33,000 students. The university—highly regarded both academically and amongst students—offers studies in roughly 400 different programs within 13 disciplines at an international level. In the period […]

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Collaging Social & Political Intentions

Collaging Social & Political Intentions Mayuri Paranthahan Projects   Mad Girl’s Love Song In a series of collages, ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ depicts the female experience in the context of gendered space. These collages attempt to portray feminist issues spatially – for instance, the sexualization of the […]

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