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Delineating A Dynamic Landscape

Delineating A Dynamic Landscape  Laura Huerga Project If we assume the impossibility of “leaving things as they were” other demolition options might be raised. In this way, the project comes up as a research about reclaiming the landscape of a constructed Roosevelt Island to create […]

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 Parts Playgrounds

 Parts Playgrounds Arsenios Zachariadis & Hsiao Chiao Peng @ SCI_ARC  [advisor_Devyn Weiser]    Project The project is a speculation on a object to object compositional syntax, referring to James Stirling’s work. The reference for this particular project is the Science Center in Berlin, a built project […]

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Outside Home Birthday

Outside Home Birthday Eduardo Baltazar Project The project title refers to the habits of people in many places in Brazil of having their birthday right outside their front door so that the neighbours passing by can see and easily enjoy getting together. The drawings try to […]

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De Magnalibus Urbis Mediolani

De Magnalibus Urbis Mediolani Claudia Consonni & Martina Fabris Project According to the United Nations, in 2015 only, there were about 260 million international migrants, people who left their birthplaces to live in a different geographical or social reality. Of these, 65 million were forced […]

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The Corporate City

The Corporate City Maria Paola Michelotto @ TU Delft  Project The project was developed during a two months stay in Chicago (IL), with the aim of conducting a research on field focused on unfolding past and future transformations of the American city. The starting point […]

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A Built Free Choice

A Built Free Choice Michele Marini   Project The project tackles the deisgn of a hypothetic house for the one character of the movie “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman. The house name is “A built free choice”, because, sometimes, choices must be taken in the right […]

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High Mobility on Roosevelt Island

High Mobility on Roosevelt Island Marie Stafie @ Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais (ENSAPM)   Project Roosevelt Island is one of the islands of the New York City Archipelago that possess at the same time the characteristics of an enclave but also those of a place […]

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  EGO-ZENTRVM Pablo Claudio Wegmann Project The EGO-ZENTRVM project is based on Georg Simmel’s text “The Metropolis and mental life”, assuming the analysis of the consequences of the overwhelming contemporary lifestyle on the human psyche. One of the next big challanges of humanity is the […]

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Drawing With Intention

Drawing With Intention Constantina Charalambou Project Even though the actual definition of a citizen within a state has a simple description, there is no right or wrong neither a straightforward answer to the question of “What a citizen is”.  Being a citizen of a polis someone […]

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Superpopulated Edgewater 

Superpopulated Edgewater  Minjung Ku & Stephen Hsueh @ Illinois Institute of Technology(IIT) / Architecture Undergraduate / Cloud Studio (5th yr)  Project Edgewater, located on the far Northside, is one of the many Chicago neighbourhoods losing population. To revitalize this community, we propose a new kind of […]

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Future Proof_A New Model For Flexibility

Future Proof_A New Model For Flexibility Karolina Pajnowska   Project The thesis proposes a new understanding of flexibility in architecture. It investigates reasons for a generic and dull spatial expression of the majority of contemporary buildings. Nowadays, technology and lifestyle are changing so fast that buildings […]

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An Ambiguous Reality

An Ambiguous Reality Emma Fraser, Diploma 9 AA School of Architecture Projects Wonderwall The project concerns itself with the contemporary (ir)relevance of the cultural icon. Using the imminent global rising sea levels as a premise to relocate icons under threat, the Wonderwall is built as a vast […]

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