Re-dessiner (par) la brique

Re-dessiner (par) la brique Adrien Le Strat Project The project is centred around the brick. Following from a research on the material through the realisation of collages and drawings the richness and cultural heritage was revealed. However other studies also exposed its current endangerment where […]

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FoodRail_Designing Concept and Project

FoodRail_Designing Concept and Project  Eleni Papantoniou & Maria Koinidou Advisors: Apostolos Kalfopoulos & Stavros Vergopoulos Project One amazing fact about our school is that it allows all students to pick the subject and mentors of their own preference for their master thesis. Our team’s personal mission/challenge was to […]

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Searching For Beauty In Hatred Pieces

Searching For Beauty In Hatred Pieces paradigma:ariadné X Technologie und das Unheimliche – Intelligent Mimiry – proposal for Warsawianka rewitalizacja competition The territory of Warszawianka Sports Complex and Park is characterized by the poetry of modernist spatial visions and the untouchable, object-like composition enlarged to […]

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Ceci n’est pas un Parc

Ceci n’est pas un Parc Sofia Coutsoucos and Anna Milani Project “The project focus goes on those areas defined as terrain vagues or teirs paysage. The main goal is to understand that such places are not to be merely observed negatively. Rather, they are to […]

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BONDY’S’COUNT – Counters of Bondy

BONDY’S’COUNT – Counters of Bondy Studio Diese Project Bondy’s’ count adds up the forces in presence to put in motion the transformation of the city from the inside. Bondy’s’count allows to increase and diversify the activities of the zone, adding services and spaces to the […]

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Power To The User

Power To The User Seni Agunpopo Project The outcome of this project was to create an archive gallery plus a cultural arts centre. the archive galley expands on idea of ‘participation’ creating a hub for past influences of the city deemed redundant by political leaders […]

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An Architecture of Context

An Architecture of Context Katarzyna Sleboda Project The project for a City Library is located on a prestigious plot near the Main Railway Station in Wrocław, it exists as a very busy and lively place. Due to the urban layout, there was a need for […]


The Image As A Collaborative Process

The Image As A Collaborative Process Vincent Meyer Madaus & Sebastian Bernardy _M.Arch Thesis Princeton School of Architecture Advisor_Andrés Jaque / Liz Diller     Re-Wiring La Grande Borne Re-Wiring La Grande Borne is an attempt at revitalizing and rewiring the estate of La Grande […]

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The Stateless Comedy

The Stateless Comedy Michael Westerlund_ Architectural Association_Diploma 2 Project Project The Stateless Comedy is a story about how we are currently dismounting our societies through a global movement fed by individualism. It is transcending both the virtual and the analog, and it is not necessarily about where a […]

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Atlas of a Terra Incognita

Atlas of a Terra Incognita Fabrizia Mattiello Interview Who influences you graphically? During my years at university i had the chance to discover, see and learn from different artists that were working in various field; going from Architect, Photographers, Painters, Designers, Writers, Musicians. Each one […]

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Exploring Architectural Temporality

Exploring Architectural Temporality   Kevin Biot, Lena Lo Gatto, Adrien Lagarrigue and Matthieu Butts Project This project is a strategic and architectural project for occupation of empty spaces into the St-Jacques quarter in the city of Perpignan. It’s a social answer to needs of local population, […]

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An Architectural Medicine

An Architectural Medicine Ada Tache Project The images started as an answer of how we can still find joy in the simple things, even though technology overwhelms us nowadays and we tend to lose contact with our human side. Therefore, this is more an exploration […]

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