Costa del Sprawl Pavilion by Estudio Esse (construction in Malaga, Spain)


A Fabric of Urban Collision by Alison Hui @ University of Melbourne [Studio – Building a New City]

Dismantle|Reassemble, Mai Abusalih and Ranitri Weerasuriya, Academic (Fall 2017, Columbia University GSAPP, Andres Jaque Advanced Studio), Proposal, 1 Full Drawing

Dismantle|Reassemble by Mai Abusalih and Ranitri Weerasuriya @ Columbia University GSAPP Andres Jaque Advanced Studio]


Tentaculo by Tomas Altobello, Cindi Caggiano, Santiago Ghione & Franco Pozzi @ Faculty of Architecture Planning and Design UNR

watercolour oblique

The Buddhist Water Garden of Enlightenment by Annette Choy DeLeon


Music School by Kaan Hacımemişoğlu @ Politecnico di Milano

An Amalgamation

An Amalgamation – Spirit of the City by Anosh Nadeem Butt @3rd Year Architecture Design Studio VI, Beaconhouse National University

Taxonomy Diagram

Defensive Urbanism: Barranquillita, Island of Homo-Ludens, Homo-Fabers, and Magic Realism by Guido C. Seoanes Perla


institution and housing in ajmer shariff dargah by Harsh Hitesh Shah @ Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi institue of Architecture


Living Archipelago, the city in the sea by Taller Bivaque [Proposal for Europan 14, Karlskrona, Sweden (2017)]


Curved Housing by Poyun Chang @3rd Year Studio Cal Poly Pomon


Pine Grove Market by Maurizio Calierno


3DSCAPE: Waterfront Devices by Jorge Yeray Garcia Perez


Push Button and Hold to Advance Belt by Kareem Obey @ University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

“Hungry Hong Kong”

Hungry House by Roman Kekel

Senza titolo-1

Banchellini, Campodonico, Muschietti, Ottazzi @ University of Architecture of Genova

Simple Architecture_ Edoardo Bracchi_University of Architecture of Genoa

Simple Architecture by Edoardo Bracchi @ University of Architecture of Genoa

Gabriel Bollag_Diploma5_AA School of Architecture

Gabriel Bollag @ Diploma5_AA School of Architecture

Kahee Park_Diploma17_AA School of Architecture

Kahee Park @ Diploma17_AA School of Architecture

Maurizio Calierno - Antonio Buonaurio_Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”

Maurizio Calierno – Antonio Buonaurio @ Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”

Lorenzo Lo Schiavo_Intermediate 1_AA School of Architecture

Jacek Rewinski @ Intermediate 1_AA School of Architecture

Yonathan Kevin Moor_Intermediate 9_AA School of Architecture

Yonathan Kevin Moor @ Intermediate 9_AA School of Architecture

Assaf Kimmel_Intermediate 7_AA School of Architecture

Assaf Kimmel @ Intermediate 7_AA School of Architecture

Stefan Jovanovic_Intermediate 12_AA School of Architecture

Stefan Jovanovic @ Intermediate 12_AA School of Architecture

Ji Won Lee

by Ji Won Lee

Noel Drangu_Intermediate10_AA School of Architecture

by Noel Drangu @ Intermediate10_AA School of Architecture

Brandon Whitwell-Mak_Intermediate12_AA School of Architecture

Brandon Whitwell-Mak @ Intermediate12_AA School of Architecture

Kieran Thomas Wardle

by Kieran Thomas Wardle

Fragmenting through Framing_Federica Sofia Zambeletti_Intermediate4_AA School of Architecture

Fragmenting through Framing by Federica Sofia Zambeletti @ Intermediate4_AA School of Architecture

Merger of Environments_Merger of Environments through Projections Radu Remus Macovei and Nabila

Merger of Environments_Merger of Environments through Projections
by Radu Remus Macovei and Nabila Mahdi @ Intermediate9_AA School of Architecture

Lorenzo Luzzi_Intermediate12_AA School of Architecture

Lorenzo Luzzi @ Intermediate12_AA School of Architecture

Church of Aksaray Triptych by Graham Burn

Cloth house by Chanmi Park

Food Bank Paul McManamon_Unit 22_ Bartlett

Food Bank
Paul McManamon_Bartlett_ Unit 22

House for an Activist by Charlotte Baker @ Unit9_Bartlett

Berlin Artspark and the Civic Image by Mina Gospavic.

by Ananth Ramaswamy @ Diploma 9_AA School of Architecture

Ananth Ramaswamy_Diploma 9_AA School of Architecture

by Cliff Tan @ Inter 12_AA School of Architecture

by Ja-Kyung Kim.@ Diploma 5_Architectural Association.

maud.sanciaume-Image project review 8copie

by Maud Sanciaume@ Diploma 5_Architectural Association.

robert.taylor-PR 12_0002

by Robert Taylor. @ Diploma 5_Architectural Association.

Pier Pressure Sunny Lam

by Yuk.Cheung Geoffrey @ Diploma 9_AA School of Architecture

Costantino di Sambuy @ Diploma 14_AA School of Architecture

A Manual Towards a New London by Fiona Tan


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