A Journey of Experiences

A Journey of Experiences Marco De Vincentiis & Emanuel Falappa Project The Trans-Siberian is the route where continuous experiences and paths create connections between reality and physically distant places. It ‘s the journey that makes this possible, that elevates the Trans-Siberian has no mere link, but as […]

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Sloughland_Colour is Life

Sloughland_Colour is Life Charles McLaughlin Project “Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards- and good luck!” Liam Byrne, Chief Secretary to the Treasury,Labour 2010 Sloughland is a community-led housing scheme that was a reaction to a controversial planning proposal in Slough, […]

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Architecture and the Mundane

Architecture and the Mundane Kyle McMindes   A series of collages and stories regarding everyday activities and imaginative built responses.     The Cabinet that Feeds Staring blankly into the kitchen cupboards. He has risen from his bed in the room adjacent, hoping some undefinable […]

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That Can Only Mean One Thing

That Can Only Mean One Thing Paul Mosley & Juan Andres Suarez Project _ First Prize of 2016 How to Architecture! competition The Social Age jolts architecture into a precarious state because its omnipresence forces architecture to take a position: to either actively engage or resist the relational forces […]

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Informalising Footscray

Informalising Footscray Tahj Rosmarin and James Connor Project The thesis aims at investigating the interstices and overlaps between formal and informal urbanism. Historically, research into this field has typically been concerned with the ‘upgrading’ or ‘improving’ of the informal. This thesis provides a counterpoint outlook […]

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Where Representation Meets Reality

Where Representation Meets Reality Alberto Spinella & Massimo Tenan Project During the last years hostels have earned great popularity due to their cheapness, but mainly thanks to the many possibilities they give to their young guests in order to spend time in the common spaces […]

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Imagination As Research

Imagination As Research James Basey Project An example of imagination as research, this body of work formally explores what would happen if fragments of Nolli’s 1784 Pianta Grande di Roma were to return to disturb the modern developer city. Scattered and suspended amongst the existing […]

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Where Form Makes The Historic Continuum

Where Form Makes The Historic Continuum Emmanuelle Agustoni, Benoît Jacques & Matthieu Perin Project The Laguna Veneta is an enclosed archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. An archipelago is a collection of natural and artificial islands set on a uniform surface that both unites and divides […]

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Man’s Madness and the Contemporary City

Man’s Madness and the Contemporary City Nest VanDenken Untitled landscapes, started in 2015, is a running project to collect 225 (maybe more) little square drawings: every drawing is a sort of framed view of imaginary skylines of possible cities, unreal geometric landscapes and ambiguous scenery. […]

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The Object and Daily Life

The Object and Daily Life Ethan Liu Project This project on the speculative management for the design and construction of “a new mall,” which is intended to create a new business model incorporating traditional street markets. It explores the evolving role of the architect and […]

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Taking A New Stand On Old Tools

Taking A New Stand On Old Tools Traumnovelle Interview Who influences you graphically? Our references are sometimes linked to the history of art and architecture, however, we also find much of our inspiration in other fields. We are inspired by photojournalism, in particular war photojournalism, and […]

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A Factory Toward Fulfilment

A Factory Toward Fulfilment Leo Taylor, Naomi Rubbra and Felix Yates   Project “We are a society engrossed in consumption. Our persistent pursuit of possession is a product of lies that we have been taught; where objects become the means to reach an instinctive, yet […]

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Antropic_Designing with Sensibility

Antropic_Designing with Sensibility Veronica Di Blas Project The proposal addresses the flooding problem in Amazonia drawing inspiration from how Fire Ants respond to this creating a living raft. Data on the tides, wind intensity and its direction was considered and responded to, to understand how […]

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Bridging The Gap Between Two Nations

Bridging The Gap Between Two Nations Aryan Tehrani Project Located just behind the Queens House in Greenwich Park. The Seven Princesses of Greenwich are a sign of peace between the great countries of the United Kingdom and the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the year […]

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Minima Moralia Is…

Minima Moralia Is… Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas Will London still be the capital of creativity, arts and crafts in 10 years time? With the significant increase in educational fees and rental prices, both residential and work spaces, London seems to be heading towards an […]

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