The Daring Story Teller

The Daring Story Teller Eu Jin Lim & Shann Yong Brick Lane is a neighbourhood renowned for its diversity in its multi- cultural and pluralistic society. The ever-growing culture of these collective needs shapes the architecture. The linear site if the old train station portrays […]

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Translating a Mental Collage

Translating a Mental Collage Juan Gurreau Rumeu Ever since the first agricultural revolution in the Neolithic, farming has been responsible for a radical transformation of the natural environment and a key player in global urbanisation. Increasing demands for production have resulted in industrial food worlds, […]

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The AJ Manual

The AJ Manual DIS Copenhagen Project The “AJ Manual” is the outcome of the elective course “Detailing and Sustainability in Scandinavian Architecture” held by Angela Gigliotti, co-founder and co-director of the practice U67 (http://www.office-u67.net/) during the two semesters of 2016 within the Architecture and Design […]

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Interpreting Surrealism in Venice

Interpreting Surrealism in Venice Giacomo Tomidei, Michele Ciervo & Lorenzo Ranzani The beautiful and unique city of Venice, which floats in the middle of the Venice Lagoon, is protected from the Adriatic Sea by a thin strip of land, the Lido, that face the sea […]

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Commercial building Chepstow

Depicting Spaces

Depicting Spaces Tom Grillo Interview Who influences you graphically? I try to maintain an open mind to take influence from all graphical sources. In particular, studying the drawings of historical and contemporary architects provides ideas on how to manipulate the view, composition, and lighting to […]

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The Future of the Monument is Unclear

The Future of the Monument is Unclear Anthony Gonzalez Project The future of the Monument is unclear. Undoubtedly a critical typology, the ubiquity of digital imaging is eroding the urgency for physical monuments to maintain the collective memory of the urban. In this way, it […]

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Our Dream of Real Life People

Our Dream of Real Life People Alberto Lotti & Luca Naso Interview “The Design Unit addressed the issue of quality of collective places in large-scale urbanization processes in China. As widely known, the construction of hundreds of new towns is progressing rapidly, with a weak […]

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Au-delà, a Game of Contrasts

Au-delà, a Game of Contrasts Antoine Lachaux Project The project is called “Au-delà” which is a French word that has a double meaning : on the one hand it can be used to talk about a place somewhere further something while on the other hand […]

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Implying the Possibility of Form or Surface

Implying the Possibility of Form or Surface Caitlin Thissen Project Yale Post-FAT Advanced Studio: The Minimum Number of Lines; The Maximum Number of Things, led by Sam Jacob and Sean Griffiths. Exploring modes of representation: Letraset lines delineate areas of movement, pace, sequence, and imply […]

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HORIZON 179 By The Association for Horizon Management Dalia Munenzon and Yair Titelboim Project The horizon is the purest form of separation between earth and sky – a basic, visually intuitive distinction between what is up and what is down. Historically important for spatial orientation, […]

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It’s a Vivid Colours Affair

It’s a Vivid Colours Affair  Do Gwang Hun   Interview Who influences you graphically? Henri Rousseau, Joan Miró , Aldo Rossi, OMA, OMMX, KGDVS, Dogma “something + texture” in Google search, Rhinoceros’ screen. The features of Adobe Photoshop and the question “Who influences you graphically?” where others answered. What dictated […]

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